09th Jul – Soul Sustenance

Collect Your Treasure Of Blessings Everyday

Blessings are a beautiful energy treasure which we receive everyday from ourselves, in our relationships from others and from God. The more we collect this treasure, the richer we become internally and also our inner power and happiness increase. As we begin the day, we create different thoughts for ourselves and everyone around us and we come in contact with people with different types of personalities. While looking at them, we find many specialties and weaknesses in them and it is very easy to get attached to people with goodness and experience hatred for people who act negatively with us. In such situations, sometimes we send negative energy to some people and we stop receiving their blessings. Also, we don’t create the right type of thoughts or speak the right type of words or we don’t perform the right type of actions and lose the blessings of God, who knows and sees everything we do, even on a very subtle level. Sometimes our actions make others detached and discontent from us and they start sending us bad and negative energy.

Collecting negative energy from others can make us unenthusiastic and also sometimes fill our lives with obstacles. How do we always collect blessings from others and how do we increase this treasure everyday? The more we increase this treasure everyday, the better our lives will become and we will see light and goodness in every moment, adding value to our life and also a feeling of well-being. We give ourselves blessings when we think in a way or do something, such that we go closer to our original stage full of our 7 primary qualities – peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and wisdom and we receive blessings from others when we think in a way or do something, such that they go closer to their original stage full of these 7 qualities. Also, we receive blessings from God, when we do both. Such a life full of blessings is a life full of constant contentment.

  • Operating in and connection to our original state empowers us to act, feel and think in such a way that brings us and others closer to our innate being. Quietness and contentment is great gain in the wellspring of Life where all is remembered and well. May we know peace, love, joy, bliss, wisdom, power and purity in all of our getting.

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