13th March – Soul Sustenance

7 Techniques To Let Go Off The Past (Part 2)

Positive Information and Intoxication – The more we listen or read positive spiritual wisdom, even if it is for 10 minutes daily, and imbibe (absorb) it, the more our negative memories fade into the background. Also, the regular input of wisdom lifts our consciousness to a higher level and gives us an experience of intoxication or spiritual bliss, in which the memories of our past sorrows and negative experiences get dissolved. Even on a physical level, some people indulge in some kind of negative addiction or intoxication only because it temporarily helps them to overcome and forget the negatives in their life. Spiritual wisdom intoxication is a positive and pure intoxication, which helps us in forgetting the negative past of our life permanently.

Karma Realization  Another benefit of spiritual wisdom is that it makes us realize the various shades and details of the Law of Karma and its application in the World Drama, which helps us immensely in letting go of the past and concentrating on our present so that a bright future can be built, irrespective of the quality of the past.

Self and God Realization – One of the most important benefits of meditation, an important aspect of spirituality, is that it makes us realize and experience the spiritual self and the Father of the spiritual self, the Supreme Soul or God, accurately. This is an experience of liberation, in which there is no room for past repentances. Past repentances are more a reflection of excessive attachment to the physical or material existence or attachment to incorrect emotions related to body-consciousness, remembering the damage caused by them to the self and experiencing sorrow due to the same.

Connection and Relation – Also, meditation being a deep connection between me and God or the Supreme Father, it fills me with immense power and it is also a deep relationship, which fills me with peace, love and joy. In the experience of these attainments, over a period of time, my past stops burdening my consciousness.

(To be continued tomorrow …)