16th Jul – Soul Sustenance

5 Steps To Make The World Paradise Again

1. Create A Positive Consciousness That You Are An Instrument Of God – Creating paradise in the world is God’s task. We are all God’s children and also His humble and divine instruments for creating paradise in the world. Instruments are right hands of God through whom He performs the task of world transformation. When we keep this consciousness, that is the first step of creating paradise or heaven in this world again.

2. Imbibe God’s Purity And Powers And Become A Spiritual Light-House – A soul who is given the task of world transformation by God should be full of God’s purity, who is an Ocean of Purity and also it should connect with God everyday in meditation and imbibe His spiritual powers. Radiating the vibrations of both purity and power in the world through every thought, word and action is the second step.

3. Give The Key Of God’s Spiritual Wisdom To Everyone – God says that I come into this world at the end of the Iron Age or Kaliyug to transform the world. God also gives the key of spiritual wisdom to His children to create a beautiful future in the Golden Age or Satyug. The more we give this key to every soul in the world, the more we bring paradise closer.

4. Make Your Home And Office A Beautiful Paradise Or Heaven – Your home and workplace are the two places where you spend most of your time. If I as a responsible child of God take up the responsibility of making these two places full of God’s qualities like peace, love and joy, I radiate these vibrations to the world and help in creating heaven in the world.

5. Take God’s Guidance At Every Step And Bring Everyone Closer To God – The Golden Age can only be created when every soul realizes the importance of connecting with God and also the need for a positive change in the world. It is our duty to do what God is doing at the present time – bring everyone closer to Him and unite everyone as a divine world family.

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