17th Jul – Soul Sustenance

Don’t Justify Impulsive Reactions

We find ourselves in situations where it seems impossible to hold back our words or behaviours, and we react impulsively. Instead of accepting our mistakes, often we justify our reactions. In today’s times when our roles and responsibilities seem to be very demanding, many of us rush through life. We think quickly, speak instantly and act impulsively. We don’t pause to choose a right response to the scene, and we even justify our reactions.

1. When you react out of impulse, acknowledge that nothing and nobody else were responsible. Otherwise, first inner power gets depleted because of reactive behaviors. And secondly if you justify by blaming external factors to be the cause, you again lose power.

2. After every hour, pause to check the quality of your responses and change them as needed. Remind yourself – I am a powerful being. No matter what happens, I choose to respond rightly in every scene.

3. Appreciate yourself for all the right responses. If any action or interaction was not right, reflect and see how you could have responded differently. Mentally rehearse and visualize yourself doing it the right way.

4. Responding from your original spiritual qualities of peace, love and respect is a gradual process of attention and awareness. The first stage is not to react in your behavior, the next stage is not to react in your mind.