23rd February – Soul Sustenance

Stars Of Success (Part 1) –

All of us our sparkling stars of success born with many specialties and talents which we bring into actions as we grow up. There are some of us special ones who bring these beautiful characteristics from our past lives. Some of us develop new characteristics or specialties as we grow bigger and shine in different ways in life. God is our loving and beautiful spiritual Mother and Father, who is an ocean of specialties and beautiful qualities and powers and we are all His spiritual lovely children. The more we love God and remember Him with a deep heart, the more His qualities and talents we imbibe inside us. Sweetness, humility, respect for all, good wishes for everyone, care and love are some of these lovely qualities which we can take from our spiritual parent. God is the one and only non-physical Supreme Star of peace, love and joy and the sweetest One in the world. We see these virtues in some people, whom we interact with and such nice people radiate these qualities to everyone around them all the time. They fill life and life’s different scenes with beautiful colours, painted by the brush of good and pure action.

People who are blessed with lots of qualities, receive a lot of love from others and are respected by all and are the real lucky stars of the world. They make their beautiful fortune in life and in doing so; they touch the lives of many. God loves such beautiful angels more than anyone else as they live upto His virtues and adorn His heart always. It is said that there are many who admire God’s qualities but the luckiest ones are those whose qualities God admires.

(To be continued tomorrow …)