23rd May – Soul Sustenance

10 Do’s And Don’ts Of Meditation (Part 1)

1. Begin Your Meditation With A Positive Thought – Before beginning your meditation, create a positive thought that you are a pure and peaceful soul and your spiritual father is God – the Supreme Soul, who is the Ocean of all qualities and powers and is always constant in them. This will make your meditation beautiful and keep your mind and intellect focused.

2. Think And Visualize At The Same Time – A very important principle of meditation is that you create positive and powerful thoughts of spiritual wisdom of the soul and God in your mind and at the same time, you visualize those same thoughts in front of the eye of your intellect, making concentration an easy and natural process and leading to a beautiful experience.

3. Keep Your Eyes Half-Open And Not Closed – One of the key things to keep in mind while meditating is that you don’t close your eyes completely, as this prevents you from visualizing clearly the soul and the Supreme Soul as a beautiful being of light and also you can feel sleepy while creating the peaceful thoughts and not experience the depths of meditation.

4. Sit Fresh In Meditation With A Feeling Of Goodness – Meditation should not be done while feeling sleepy and without any powerful aim to connect with a Higher Source. So always sit for meditation with a determined thought to have good concentration and freshen up in whatever way you want, before meditating. Freshness of the mind and body will bring success.

5. Play Soft And Gentle Music In The Background – A good way to give the mind a soothing feeling in meditation is to have soft and gentle meditation music playing in the background. Also, you can play a soft meditation commentary, to give the mind a direction and not let the mind waiver anywhere. If you prefer silence, do not play anything.

(To be continued tomorrow …)