25th June – Soul Sustenance

An Attitude Of Abundance

There could have been a challenging scene this morning which maybe, caused your positive attitude to dip. Are you letting that depleted attitude seep into every subsequent scene, the entire day? Or did you pause to change your mood and reset your outlook? Often we are not satisfied with people, situations, objects, nature and the world itself. We complain about what we lack – health, happiness, comforts, time, wealth, relationships…the list can be long. The truth is that if we want a different result, we need to first modify our attitude from a scarcity mindset to an abundant mindset. A positive attitude brings the whole course of life under control. It improves health, happiness, relationships and success. Even if things are not in our favour, our attitude decides whether we perceive it to be an opportunity to learn and grow, or view it as a failure and retract. Reflect on your attitude every day and keep it positive by taking responsibility of your mindset. See how situations come into your control. Remind yourself – I carry an attitude of abundance. I have everything I need. My attitude attracts the right people and situations into life.

We have all been taught that attitude is everything. Just pause and check – how has your overall attitude been, lately? Do you feel optimistic, hopeful, fearless or dissatisfied? Has your attitude helped you see the world through a positive lens at all times or only when circumstances are right for you? Your attitude either opens or closes the doors of growth and learning, in every situation. Because every thought you create is followed by a feeling. Your feelings over a period of time develop your attitude – about people, situations, work and about the world. So, depending on your feelings about a person or a situation, you will develop an attitude towards them – which can be of acceptance, resistance, respect or indifference. Our thoughts create our attitude, so you have the power to change our attitude by chanting our thought patterns. Even whether we have enough or lack something in life is almost always about our attitude, not about how much we actually have. A good life needs only a right attitude.