27th June – Soul Sustenance

Making Remembrance Of God Natural And Easy

One of the common complaints of modern day humans is that we cannot see God with our physical eyes and it is difficult to remember Him constantly. Also, it is seen that when many people listen about meditation and about connecting with God, they are not comfortable with the idea and they don’t make an effort to practice meditation. Spirituality teaches that meditation is very easy and practicing it brings us closer to God and we can have beautiful experiences in such a spiritual journey. Let us look at 5 ways by which meditation can be made natural and easy –

1. Have Faith In God and Learn Who He Is – The first and foremost step in making a deep and meaningful link with God is knowing God closely – His name, form, qualities, role and where He stays. The next step is faith in this wisdom.

2. Listen To God’s Wisdom And Get To Know Him Well – The next step in creating a deep relationship with God is to know His thoughts and feelings which He has for me, the soul and which He expresses about Himself, through the medium of spiritual wisdom given by God Himself.

3. Learn The Technique Of Meditation – Meditation is a beautiful and creative method of connecting with God. But we cannot experience success in it if we don’t know its exact technique. When we meditate after knowing God closely and with the right technique, our lives get transformed and we feel empowered.

4. Make Meditation A Constant Part Of Your Life Journey – Meditation is beautiful when it is constant. Every action accompanied with meditation is called karmayoga. Karmayoga leads us to peace and bliss that we have never experienced before and makes us better, purer and more powerful souls.

5. Use Meditation In Different Spheres Of Your Life – When you are not physically or mentally well, or when your relationships are lacking peace, love or joy, or when there is a difficulty at work, use meditation to resolve any issue. This will make meditation a constant part of your life.