28th May – Soul Sustenance

Act With Humility, Defeat Ego

You love modesty, you hate artificialness. You do your best to be humble. Yet your ego and pride show their strength from time to time. Does this happen? Sometimes we don’t realize what our stubborn ego is up to. The problem could be as basic as not knowing what ego is. Any image which is not our true identity is ego. It is when we make something that we have acquired, as our identity. Our qualification, position, skill, relation, religion or caste – when we make any of these our identity, we play our roles based on this identity and expect others to behave accordingly with us. Our roles and positions differ- CEO and his driver, parent and her child, minister and his assistant. We first labelled roles as higher and lower, and soon called people superior and inferior – this created ego. The more knowledge, talent, skill or money we acquire, let’s increase humility and suppress ego. It ends conflicts, power games, greed, competition and jealousy. Remind yourself – I am a pure, conscient being, just as everyone else. I radiate love, respect and humility to others.

Despite living in a world of widespread competition and arrogance, whenever you come across a humble person, have you said – What a humble person, it was lovely meeting him. Have you experienced how even a little bit of humility goes a long way in giving love and joy to others? Our success may not please someone but our humility has a universal appeal. All of us want to be humble and modest but sometimes ego seems to takes over and we end up feeling prideful. Simplest way to check is – When we are humble, we are in the giving mode, radiating our love and purity to others. When there is ego, we shift to the asking mode where we want love and respect. And then we start radiating rejection, anger or hurt. If we are not aware of it, there is a possibility that our ego will surface. Remain calm and stable, whether you receive appreciation or criticism. Expectation, competition and comparison will slowly finish. Every time you act with humility, your ego gets defeated.