30th jan 23 soul sustenance

Harmonizing Relationships … Taking Up Responsibility

In a conflicted relationship, the problem is neither with that person, nor between us. Conflict is in our mind, in how we think about the other person – blaming, resisting or rejecting them. We believe both of us created the conflict, so both are required to resolve it. Truth is, even if one of us thinks nicely for another, the conflict starts dissolving. When you have differences with someone, do you get hurt or angry, and expect them to do what it takes to restore harmony? Do you step up voluntarily to get it back to its original, cordial terms? Or, do you believe that since two of you initiated the conflict, both of you need to heal the relationship? A relationship starts crumbling, when one person starts thinking negative for another. Words and behaviors may be perfect, but negative thought vibrations hit at the foundation of the bond, create undercurrents and quickly escalate it into a conflict. It needs only one person to heal a conflicted relationship. Let us be the one. It doesn’t matter whether one or both of us contributed to the issue. It doesn’t also matter how negative the energy exchange had been. When one of us start thinking positive and pure for the other person, our vibrations radiate and change their thought process too. And once they are healed, the conflict dissolves and harmony is created. Take responsibility to heal any conflicted relationship you have. Let go of the past, forgive them and think pure and beautiful thoughts for those people. Change your thinking for them to change the energy of the relationship.

Your relationships are a source of happiness and harmony if you get along well with everyone. If there is any differences or disagreements, withdraw from conflicts. Even if you cannot understand the other person’s perspective, know that what they say or do is the truth for them at that moment. Prioritize harmony over ego of being right or being superior and genuinely try to resolve the conflict. Do not wait for the other person to heal you, they are pain, they may be sending you negative energy, but you be stable and counter their negativity with your caring and loving vibrations of much greater magnitude. Keep the energy of love flowing from your side, create thoughts of harmony, visualize your relationship being perfect. Radiate pure vibrations so that they raise their emotional frequency and make it more positive and pure just like yours.

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