30th May – Soul Sustenance

Maintain Confidentiality When Someone Confides In You

When people confide in us and reveal secretive or private information to us, they trust us to maintain confidentiality. Do you recall the last time when your family member or friend shared a secret with you, and you revealed it to at least one other person? This habit puts our credibility and our relationships at risk.

1. Maintaining confidentiality reflects your personality – of how trustworthy, credible and reliable you are. They have chosen you among hundreds of people they know, to share the private information. They trust you; they want only you to know, or they need your opinion.

2. When someone discusses a sensitive matter from their life or someone else’s, respect privacy. A family member may reveal about his health issue or your boss may discuss a business deal. Assure them and promise yourself not to reveal it to anyone under any circumstance.

3. It may be tempting to reveal the matter, other people may even insist that you open up. If you give in, you not only damage the reputation of the one who confided in you, but you lose your own credibility also.

4. Maintaining confidentiality is an absolute requirement in any good relationship, personal or professional. Listen patiently, understand completely and be non-judgmental. Keep your ethical standards every time with everyone.