7th April – Soul Sustenance

United We Stand, Divided We Fall (Part 2)

2. Unity between people is based on a common thread of spiritual brotherhood inspite of differences of nationalities, castes, languages and also sanskaras and opinions. It’s not possible to unite unless we feel we are brothers in spirit. At some places in the world, racism exists and people dislike each other because of that. In such cases, if people remembered the spiritual identity of the other and saw each other as a spiritual being first and a human figure later, there would be immense love between humans. Spiritual wisdom says that We are all one. Sometimes we say that, but we do not feel it. When we see each other as God’s children and we also remember that once upon a time, before coming down on the earth, we lived together as souls, in our spiritual home; then love for each other will flow naturally and unity will be seen in all corners of the world. The spiritual home is the soul world, which exists beyond the five physical elements.

3. Love and unity between humans is also based on positive sanskaras. When two people with negative sanskaras come together for a particular purpose in any sphere of life, then it is very common that there will be a clash or negative differences of opinions. Such people don’t vibe well with each other and the effects of these reach families involved or professionals involved or any other people connected. Such people exist all over the world. So, a lack of inner niceness means negative relationships. The world is a web of billions of relationships. At the moment, this web is very negative and getting weaker with each day with more and more complications on the rise. If human beings become more beautiful, this web will become more positive and stronger.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Pic Courtesy : Einfach-Eve from Pixabay