4. Pleading to save the majestic banyan tree v2

The Resilient Banyan – Storytime

Being stable in extreme conditions, where everyone seems to be against you, requires immense inner strength and a deep understanding of the self. According to the teachings of Brahma Kumaris, stability comes from recognizing and connecting with our true selves—the soul. This awareness allows us to maintain our peace and resilience regardless of external circumstances. When we understand that our true identity is beyond our physical body and external roles, we can anchor ourselves in our innate qualities of peace, love, and strength.

1. Majestic banyan tree v2

Story : The Resilient Banyan

In the quaint village of Anandpur, there stood a majestic banyan tree named Vishwa. It was known far and wide not just for its grandeur, but for its resilience. 

2. Vishwa withstanding a fierce storm v2

Vishwa had withstood countless storms, droughts, and even attempts by villagers to cut it down, yet it stood tall, its roots deeply embedded in the earth, its branches providing shelter and comfort to all who sought it.

3. Severe drought v2

The villagers often took Vishwa for granted, thinking it would always be there. But one year, a severe drought struck Anandpur. The rivers dried up, the fields turned barren, and the villagers, desperate for survival, began chopping down trees for firewood. Vishwa became a target. Many believed that cutting down Vishwa would provide enough wood to see them through the harsh times.

4. Pleading to save the majestic banyan tree v2

Among the villagers was Ravi, a young boy with a curious mind and a kind heart. He often sat under Vishwa, feeling a strange sense of calm and strength. One day, he overheard the elders planning to cut down the banyan tree. Distressed, Ravi rushed to Vishwa and pleaded,

“Oh mighty Vishwa, they plan to cut you down! What should we do?”

5. Speaking to ravi v2

Vishwa, in its deep, resonant voice, replied,

“Ravi, my dear, do not worry. I have withstood many adversities. My strength comes from deep within the earth, from my roots that hold me steadfast. Just like me, you must find your inner strength in times of difficulty.”

6. Ravi passionately talking to the villagers v2

Ravi, inspired by Vishwa’s words, decided to take a stand. He began talking to the villagers, reminding them of all the good the banyan tree had done for them. He spoke of how Vishwa provided shade in the scorching heat, how it housed birds that sang sweet melodies, and how its roots held the soil together, preventing erosion.

7. Villagers beginning to cut smaller branches v2

Despite Ravi’s efforts, the villagers were relentless. They began cutting the smaller branches, believing it was the only way to survive. 

8. Ravi pleading with the wise elder dharmendra v2

Ravi, feeling helpless, went to the village elder, Dharmendra, known for his wisdom and fairness.

“Dharmendra Uncle, please help us save Vishwa. It has been with us through everything. Isn’t there another way?” pleaded Ravi.

9. Dharmendra addressing the villagers v2

Dharmendra, moved by Ravi’s passion, thought deeply. He then gathered the villagers and proposed an idea.

“We must remember that Vishwa has given us life and shelter. Instead of cutting it down, let us work together to find a solution. We can ration our resources and share what we have. Together, we can survive this drought without destroying our banyan tree.”

10. Villagers coming together v2

The villagers, seeing the wisdom in Dharmendra’s words, agreed. They stopped cutting Vishwa and began helping each other, sharing food and water. They even started a small community garden near the banyan tree, using the little water they had to grow vegetables.

11. Rejuvenating the village v2

As time passed, the rains returned, bringing life back to Anandpur. The villagers realized the value of unity and the importance of preserving their environment. Vishwa, though scarred, stood resilient and proud, its branches once again providing shade and its roots deeply anchored in the earth.

12. Older ravi a respected leader v2

Years later, Ravi grew up to be a respected leader in Anandpur, always advocating for harmony with nature and inner strength. He often recounted the story of Vishwa, teaching the younger generation about resilience and stability in the face of adversity.


Key Learning Points

  1. Inner Strength: Like Vishwa, true stability comes from within. By connecting with our deeper self, we can withstand any external challenges.
  2. Unity and Cooperation: In times of crisis, working together and supporting each other can lead to sustainable solutions.
  3. Respect for Nature: Preserving the environment and living in harmony with nature ensures long-term benefits for the community.
  4. Resilience: Adversity is a part of life, but it is our resilience and ability to adapt that help us overcome challenges.



I am like the resilient banyan tree, rooted in my true self, unshaken by external challenges. My inner strength and stability guide me through all adversities, allowing me to remain calm and composed.

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