4 easy ways to increase will power & mind control

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4 Easy Ways to Increase Will Power & Mind Control

Have you ever wondered why it’s so easy to advise others but so hard to control our own actions?

It’s a common scene: sitting comfortably at home, commenting on how leaders should run the country or how athletes should play. Yet, managing our own lives and families seems challenging. This contradiction highlights a lack of willpower and mind control. But don’t worry, we can change this! Here are four easy ways to increase your willpower and control over your mind.

1. Stop Listening to Gossip

Why waste time on conversations that don’t add value to your life? Gossip not only wastes time but also stores unnecessary information in your mind. When we listen to gossip, we believe it won’t affect us, but it does. Every word we hear gets recorded in our minds. This unnecessary information clutters our thoughts, affecting our focus and peace. Instead, make a vow to stop listening to gossip. Focus on meaningful discussions and solutions. If someone brings up gossip, change the topic or excuse yourself. This small step can significantly increase your mental strength.

2. Make Firm Decisions and Stick to Them

Decide what’s good for you and stand by it. Whether it’s avoiding fried food for better health or staying away from negative conversations, your decisions should be non-negotiable. For example, if you decide not to eat fried food to stay healthy, stick to that decision no matter what. Even if others around you continue to eat fried food or try to tempt you, hold your ground. Say “No means no” and mean it. This strengthens your willpower. When you firmly stick to your decisions, you build respect for yourself, and others start respecting your choices too. It might be tough initially, but it will get easier and more rewarding with time.

3. Practice Silence Daily

Allocate a specific time each day for silence. This could be early in the morning or any quiet time that suits you. During this period, avoid speaking and focus on your thoughts. Silence helps control your speech and thoughts, increasing overall willpower. To practice this, set aside time each day where you do not speak. Use this time to reflect inwardly. If you need to communicate, write down important messages instead of speaking. This practice helps control your speech and thoughts, increasing overall willpower. Silence brings clarity and peace, making it easier to control impulsive reactions.

4. Be Mindful of Your Diet

Your diet impacts your mind and body. Choose healthy foods and avoid junk. When you control what you eat, you start gaining control over other aspects of your life. It’s not just about food; it’s about mastering your senses. For instance, deciding to eat only healthy food and avoiding junk food like fried items not only benefits your body but also strengthens your mind. When you resist the temptation to eat unhealthy food, you develop discipline. This discipline extends to other areas of your life, helping you control your thoughts and actions better. Healthy eating habits lead to a healthier mind, making it easier to control your thoughts and actions.


Increasing willpower and mind control is about making conscious choices and sticking to them. Stop engaging in pointless conversations, make firm decisions, practice daily silence, and eat healthily. These simple steps can lead to a powerful and controlled mind. Start today, and see the difference in your life.


Guided Meditation Practice

(Turn on above audio and start practicing meditation)

I sit comfortably, reflecting on the ease of advising others compared to managing my own actions, highlighting a need for greater willpower and mind control. I envision myself as a luminous point of light, a soul with immense potential and strength. I decide to withdraw from gossip, focusing instead on meaningful discussions that add value to my life. I make firm, non-negotiable decisions, such as avoiding negative influences and unhealthy habits, which strengthen my resolve and self-respect. Practicing daily silence, I connect deeply with my inner self, gaining clarity and control over my thoughts and speech. By choosing nourishing foods, I extend this discipline to other areas of my life, enhancing my overall control and focus. Concluding this meditation, I affirm: “I am a powerful soul with unwavering willpower, making conscious choices that uplift and strengthen me.” I subtly introduce the thought of God as a point of light, feeling His divine energy flowing into me, further empowering my will and mind. I open my eyes, feeling calm, strong, and ready to embrace the positive changes I have set in motion.

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