Firm Determination to Achieve Our Goal

“There is an urgent need to have spiritual discipline in life, which only can bring the environment of peace in the world. We observe discipline and order in Brahma Kumaris organization. If even 10% of that is followed in politics, there can be a lot of change. The expressions of peace and happiness on the faces of the participants here show that the devotion of BK brothers and sisters and faith in God has achieved that what couldn’t be made possible by renowned management consultants.

Along with value based life, firm determination to achieve our goal and Scientific Temper can only lead a nation to prosperity. It is highly appreciable that you have combined science with spirituality. There is facility of simultaneous translation in 16 languages in this Diamond Hall. I would like to associate with the activities aimed at world peace. I would like to visit this place again and again to get valuable teachings. We have issued instructions in Andhra Pradesh to avail the services of B.K. organization for value education.”

N Chandra Babu Naidu

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