Knowledge and Science based on Spiritual Power will Rule the World

For establishing World Peace, apart from disarmament, there is also required a change in the mentality of those who are trying to show their authority in the world. The Disarmament is progressing fast but mere annihilation of arsenals is not sufficient. There is a dire need to change the mentality of the dominant countries that use them, so that the possibility of the use of nuclear arsenals is totally eliminated.

For having Universal Brotherhood and Peace in the World, re-establishment of human values is necessary and our country has been continuing this legacy. Mahatma Gandhi got freedom for the country through the Principles of non- violence and without any jealousy or ill will. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru based on these principles, sustained human values through Socialism, Democracy and Secularism. Likewise, Mrs. Indira Gandhi tried her best to spread these ideals on national and international level. There is an urgent need to give up narrow mentality and develop mutual goodwill and co-operation. This will provide a new direction to world peace and development.

If we want to take human civilization to its zenith, we have to eradicate all sorts of discrimination. The efforts of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Mt. Abu, in the direction of World Peace are highly commendable. Here, two things have impressed me: Self-Transformation is a pre-requisite for World Transformation and There should be peace in the mind. It is only peace in the minds of lacs of people, which will bring World Peace. Knowledge and Science based on Spiritual Power will rule the World Along with Disarmament, Mental Changes Required for World Peace.”

Rajiv Gandhi