Soul – Curing Teachings

“I have come rather to learn and share with you the soul-curing teachings of the Brahma Kumaris in this divine atmosphere. How dedicated all of them are! Just see the choice of words, imageries, their saying ‘this is your home’ etc. in welcoming us, the participants. There is really something noble in this atmosphere. We are slowly realizing these inner treasures and inner powers of the mind. What is that creates this pure atmosphere that I don’t know. We have to find that out and spread that in our respective places also.

The greatest achievement of these Dadis and others is due to their dedication, spirit of service and compassion for fellow human beings. In the video film, I saw ‘Who am I? Even though Vedic texts, Buddhism, teachings of Confucius, etc. focus our attention on the basic question “who am I’. Only a microscopic minority of the human beings stops to think of that. Most of the humanity has become mechanical. How many think, “What did I do today?” The most important battery to recharge is: the SELF. Power of silence is the most important and the most wanted. It is also in our fortune to come here and learn meditation and inner values. But if we thank Brahma Kumaris, they say ‘why thank? It is your home’ It is my privilege to inaugurate this program”.

Viren J. Shah

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