Spirituality – The Power to Change Society

“Intelligent education alone cannot transform society, moral quotient—a must for personality development. I appreciate that in institutions like Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, they are putting forth best efforts to enhance this moral quotient in society. Their activities are highly appreciable. The force behind growth of BKs is Love for the Country and Discipline. On account of these two qualities, the BK movement has progressed by leaps and bounds.

When this movement started in Hyderabad (Sindh), it was in its subtle form. From there it marched to Karachi, and it is true that initially it faced a lot of opposition. In the process of braving the opposition, the form this institution has taken and the effect it has created, is viewed by different people from various points of view. People from the entire world come here. The judges, parliamentarians, bureaucrats, teachers, educationists, media persons and executives—all come here and participate in the seminars and find that they could, perhaps not make the excellent arrangements they see.

Management in the real sense of the term is what is seen here in its practical form. Spirituality provides the power to eliminate ego. It is written here: – Ego is the root of all sufferings. The more we eliminate ego in the self, to that extent our suffering will decrease and society will also prosper. Once a telephone company of New York conducted a survey— to see which word is used maximum number of times by the telephone users. They had thought that perhaps the most used word would be ‘Hello’ but the result of this survey showed that the word was ‘I’.”

Lal Krishna Advani