Values, not Religion should Guide Politics

“India’s age-old tradition and core values should govern our present life styles and conduct especially in politics which should not be propelled by narrow considerations of caste, community and religion. Value based politics would remain a distance dream as long as self interest, nasty brokerage and opportunism ruled the roost in country’s governance forgoing public interest and welfare. In a democratic setup, public awakening and outcry; a vigilant Media; principled working of the three organs of government without functional overlapping and inculcation of higher order values, such as, altruism, honesty, integrity, patience and dedication towards a noble cause among politicians constitute the pillars of value-based politics.

At a time when politics has come under increasing criticism and hatred, Bramha Kumaris institution’s initiative to infuse certain basic values into the profession of politics by organizing such conferences and meets is not only commendable but also a courageous one.

B. S. Ramoowalia