Five ways to Stress Free Life

People often say life without stress and worry is impossible. While some consider stress as natural, others say stress is good. Some believe that stress and worry will bring solutions to problems. While the opinions vary a lot it is fair to say there is no common consensus on the word stress.

Here is how to lead a stress-free life

Step 1 – Relax! It Is All Happening For The Good. When some worriers heard this, they laughed it out. Demotion at office, critical illness, negative relationship with my spouse… and you say it is all happening for the good? Spiritual wisdom relaxes us that whatever is happening in the present is right. Also, anything happening will strengthen you. It will give you spiritual and emotional wisdom. Above all, it is a test which will create your better future.

Always remember the slogan – What passed was good. What’s happening is better. And whatever future we create by remaining stable and content, will be even better. Because we are born winners! Starting the day with this consciousness will make you successful. 

Step 2 – I Am Not On Time … It’s Alright. Today, life is about completing tasks and making things happen faster and better. Such situations create hurry and worry. They affect your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.

Also, it’s better to be late for a meeting, for an assignment, for a meal, or getting ready. It’s worse to hurry. Because a hurried consciousness will further bring tighter schedules on your way.

The more the hurry, the more people will feel its energy and feel uncomfortable with you. Also, remember a short term failure is a better deal than long term harm to your mind, body and relationships.

So, do all your tasks. Finish your house work, your office routine and have a busy social life. But, in a relaxed state of mind. This way, you will enjoy life’s moments and be successful. You wouldn’t feel the pressure of deadlines and people’s expectations.

Step 3 –The World’s A Stage And We’re All Merely Actors.  Every morning tell yourself “I am an actor on the world stage and everything I do here is my role to play.”

An actor on a drama stage never identifies with his role. He knows the role is temporary and he has to return home after the role. Your role is temporary and not your real self. Your real self is full of qualities and powers. When you’re in a role where something goes awry, you may get stress. But, the more you’re detached from the role, the lesser will be the stress.

Everyone else is also an actor. Sometimes their act will not be as you expect or predict. Remain light because positive influence is easier than negative control. Trying to control others will create a stressful mind, relationship and environment.

Step 4 – You Gave your Inner Control To Someone Else … Take It Back In Your Hands. You allow people or situations to control your thoughts, feelings and attitudes. Take the control in your hands. This means, don’t let thoughts be negative reactions to actions of others or events.

People will be negative. Situations won’t be as you desire. But your thoughts should be positive, peaceful and powerful at all times. Stress will disappear when you begin to be your own masters at every moment.

Create a stress-free affirmation every morning. “I’m the ruler and controller of my thoughts. Today, my every thought will be my own positive creation. I won’t allow any person situation to overpower my mind and weaken this creation. My response will be positive.

Step 5 – “Stress is Normal.” It’s High Time You Challenged This Belief. To live stress-free, stop accepting that a little stress is normal. You hold on to stress and allow it to overpower your mind. It creates mental and emotional suffocation.

Stress is an unnatural emotion. You feel it is normal because of the way you’re conditioned by the world and the lifestyle you live. Problems and challenges are normal in your present lifestyle. But you feel it’s impossible to overcome them by keeping a light mind free from stress. For some, stress thrills, but remember – in the long run, it kills you and the efficiency of the tasks you perform.

Stress motivates a few people. But at some point of time it dominates you and makes your relationship with others, difficult. For some, stress strengthens, but as you go on, it creates illnesses in the mind and the body which weaken you.

Excerpts from Awakening With Brahma Kumaris


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