Let God Be My Valentine This Time

Let God Be My Valentine This Time

Love is considered to be a great power which is said to give a new life to people. It turns impossible into possible. It is also believed that true and unconditional love leads one to happiness. Experience says that when one’s expectations of love are not fulfilled, one tends to commit immoral acts such as infidelity or extramarital affairs, divorces, murders, suicides, etc. There are very few couples in the world today who are leading a life of mutual trust and love in today’s world.

False Notion of Love

All these acts happen because human beings have failed to understand love in its true sense. Many are unable to understand the difference between physical attraction and love. Physical attraction does not last for a long time. Also, many fall prey to emotional needs. An emotional need many a times is taken as love. However, this is also dangerous as the inability to take care of the emotional needs of a person creates rifts.

Understanding of True Love

Then what is love? We often say ‘God is love’ or ‘Love is God’. This is a very common belief because God loves everyone equally and is never biased. He is called the Ocean of Love. His love is divine and spiritual. He doesn’t want us to live a distressed and depressed life which we, in general, are leading at resent. He too wants us to love each other. This is possible only if we understand and experience what true love is all about.

Valentine Day

The 14th day of February is celebrated to commemorate the death anniversary of a great lover of humankind, Saint Valentine of Rome, Italy. People exchange gifts, spend special moments with each other and some express their love-filled feelings to their loved ones.

Love is one of the basic virtues of humans. It is a finer emotion among family members, friends, colleagues, classmates, students and teachers, etc. From a broader perspective, true love is the expression of love towards every human being; it is divine love that is devoid of any bodily or physical feeling because body is mortal whereas pure or divine love is eternal. Selfless love inspires us to love all human beings equally and unconditionally.

Love – the only lesson to make us complete

It is said that love makes one complete. The most important lesson we all need to learn is to develop pure and spiritual love. A beautiful vision of love is to develop a pure consciousness of realizing the self and others as spiritual beings (i.e. souls) and, thus, not getting influenced by the physical form. Love for God can change one’s vicious propensities into positive ones. Developing true love for God, helps overcome weaknesses and shortcomings. Let us recognize and understand the Supreme Father, The Almighty, The Ocean of Love, and experience His Love. That will be the true celebration of Valentine Day.

Let’s make God, our true and most beloved Valentine! Wish you all a Godly Valentine Day!

BK Yogesh Kumar

BK Yogesh Kumar has been a student of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya for the last 20 years.He's a professional content writer. Writing is his passion. He writers about spirituality and academics. He's an MA in Mass Communication from Jambeshwar University.As a student of the Brahma Kumaris, he aims to live an elevated life and share his experiences.

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