Art of recognising people don't get cheated by them

Human head, half transparent showing a serene, organized landscape inside, symbolizing a calm and controlled mind, while the other half is engaged in conversation

Art of Recognising People – Don’t Get Cheated By Them

Have you ever wondered how much control you really have over your life and the people in it? Many of us believe that we are at the mercy of the external world, with every unforeseen event or person’s behavior dictating our happiness and peace. But what if the key to controlling your life lies not in the external world but within yourself?

Understanding the Art of Recognizing People

In a world teeming with diversity, understanding the true nature of people is a skill few possess but many need. It’s often said that people aren’t just what they appear to be or what we hear about them; they are defined by their intentions, feelings, and thoughts. But how do we discern these invisible attributes?

The Challenge of Discernment

Discerning someone’s true intentions and feelings requires more than just listening to their words. It demands a sensitivity to the vibrations they emit. When you meet someone, you might sense within minutes whether their words align with truth or deceit. This ability, however, hinges on a crucial factor: control over your own vibrations. If you’re only attuned to words, you’re likely missing the deeper, non-verbal cues.

Managing Your Inner World

Controlling our inner world is essential for effective discernment. This involves mastery over our ‘Sanskars’—the innate qualities of the soul such as purity, peace, power, happiness, love, wisdom, and bliss. Contrastingly, negative Sanskars—like tension, worry, and anger—often cloud our judgment. Achieving control over which Sanskar to employ in every situation ensures that our reactions and decisions are balanced and beneficial.

Life as a Reflection of Inner State

Our inner state profoundly influences our outer experiences. If we manage to control our inner world, the chaos of the outer world becomes manageable and less impactful on our well-being. The converse is also true; if our inner world is turbulent, even minor external disturbances can feel overwhelming. Thus, achieving mastery over our internal landscape empowers us to face life’s unpredictabilities with equanimity and clarity.

The Illusion of External Control

Many believe that controlling the external world—our children, our environment, our circumstances—is achievable. However, this is a misconception. Real control is about managing our reactions, our mind, and our Sanskars. When we do this effectively, we find that external situations no longer dictate our happiness or peace.

Practical Steps to Mastery

  1. Control Over Sense Organs: Begin by managing your immediate reactions to external stimuli. This could be as simple as not reaching for your phone during meals or choosing to respond calmly in stressful situations.

  2. Developing Will Power: Gradually, as you practice restraint and conscious reaction, your willpower strengthens, enabling you to maintain peace and stability in challenging times.

  3. Guaranteeing Your Response: Imagine offering a guarantee of your behavior, regardless of circumstances. Such a mindset shift from reactivity to proactivity can transform your life’s trajectory.

Becoming the Ruler of Your Inner World

Are you ready to rule your inner world? Just as a ruler commands their realm, you too can dictate the state of your internal environment. This doesn’t require monumental efforts but simple, consistent changes in how you respond to the world around you. By mastering this art, not only will your personal destiny change, but you’ll also positively influence those around you.


Actionable Tips

  • Next time you find yourself reacting to someone’s words or actions, pause. Remind yourself that you have the choice to respond differently.
  • Practice Meditation daily to improve your awareness of your own mental and emotional state.
  • Start small. Choose one aspect of your inner world to focus on, such as patience or positivity, and dedicate efforts towards mastering it.


Reflection Question

How can you start implementing these changes today to ensure that no matter what happens externally, your internal state remains unaffected and controlled?

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Guided Meditation Practice

(Turn on above audio and start practicing meditation)

I focus on the center of my forehead, imagining myself as a point of radiant light—a soul, pure and peaceful. This light represents my true self, calm and undisturbed by the outside world.

I affirm to myself, “I am in control of my inner world.” My thoughts, emotions, and reactions are mine to guide. I choose serenity and wisdom, allowing these qualities to shape how I interact with the world.

Visualizing my inner qualities—peace, purity, power, happiness, love, wisdom, and bliss—I recognize these as my essence. They empower me to respond to life with balance and positivity, reflecting my internal state externally.

As I gently bring this meditation to a close, I carry this tranquility and control with me, confident in my ability to influence my destiny positively.

When I feel ready, I open my eyes, holding onto the peace and clarity I’ve nurtured, ready to face the day with renewed spirit.

And as I move forward, I bless myself: “May peace be my strength and clarity my guide.”

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