My experiment with god bk shivani didi

Experiment to Experience God – BK Shivani

Ever wondered what draws us towards the path of spirituality? Is it a mere consequence of our past karma, or is it a conscious decision to seek something beyond the tangible? Imagine yourself sitting in a modest hall, much like I did around 20 years ago, absorbing wisdom from the esteemed Usha Didi and Sheilu Didi of the Brahma Kumaris. At first, their teachings seemed cryptic, but they held a profound truth that would later unfold.

The Skeptic’s Dilemma and the Pursuit of Proof:

Like many, I approached these teachings with a logical and scientific mindset, seeking tangible proof of the Supreme Soul’s existence. My mother, a follower of the Brahma Kumaris, had often alluded to their teachings, yet I remained unconvinced. The idea that God and the soul could only be experienced and not proven was a stumbling block for my rational mind.

The Mathematical Analogy: Embracing Assumptions:

Then, a simple yet powerful analogy struck me. In mathematics, we often start with an assumption – ‘Let A = B’ – and work towards proving it. The journey of life, I realised, is similar. To reach the conclusion, ‘Therefore A = B’, one must first embrace the initial assumption. It was this thought that compelled me to begin my journey under the assumption of the existence of the Supreme Soul.

Embarking on the Spiritual Path:

The duration of this journey varies from person to person, but ultimately, everyone can reach the conclusion. This realisation propelled me onto the spiritual path, not because of a crisis, but out of curiosity and a desire for understanding. Contrary to popular belief, spirituality isn’t an isolated aspect of life but is intertwined with our families, relationships, and professions.

The Role of Diet in Spiritual Consciousness:

A significant part of this spiritual experiment involved adopting a Satvik diet. The saying ‘As is the food, so is the mind’ resonates profoundly in this context. The quality of our food directly impacts our emotional state. To nurture a pure and positive soul, the food we consume must also embody these qualities.

Transformation Through Self-Control and Discipline:

Change, especially altering deep-seated habits and addictions, demands discipline and self-control. These virtues are crucial not only for professional achievements, like becoming a doctor, but also for spiritual evolution. The journey to becoming more angelic, though challenging, is within reach with determination and discipline.

Spiritual Experiment:

I invite you to embark on your own spiritual journey. Start with the belief in the Divine and make small yet significant changes in your lifestyle and mindset. This journey is unique for each individual, but it’s a path laden with profound transformations and realisations.

Some Tips to Start Spiritual Journey :


  • Embrace an Open Mind: Let go of scepticism and be open to new spiritual concepts and experiences.

  • Daily Meditation Practice: Start with a few minutes of meditation each day to connect with your inner self.

  • Adopt a Satvik Diet: Incorporate pure and natural foods to enhance mental and spiritual clarity.

  • Engage with Spiritual Teachings: Read and reflect on spiritual literature that resonates with you.

  • Practice Mindfulness and Positivity: Focus on being present and maintaining a positive outlook in daily life.

  • Join a Spiritual Community: Connect with groups or communities that share your spiritual interests.

  • Be Patient and Persistent: Understand that spiritual growth is a gradual process and requires consistent practice.

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