Ram rajya call of time

Ram Rajya Bharat – The Call Of Time 

On 22 January 2024, the nation held a collective vision of ushering back the glorious ‘Ram Rajya’ in Bharat. But is it merely our aspiration, or our opportunity to act and create a land reflective of Ram Rajya? We have created the world as it stands today, and hence we alone need to create the world that we envision. Self-transformation creates world transformation (‘Sanskar Se Sansar’).

History reveals that Bharat once witnessed a period of Ram Rajya, also called Swarnim Bharat, Satyug or Golden Age. It was an era where every soul was an embodiment of divinity, purity, perfection, prosperity, and righteousness. This is in stark contrast to today’s pain, vices, illnesses and sorrow. The present era is termed ‘Ravan Rajya’ or Iron Age where 10 heads of Ravan characterize our 10 vices: lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego, jealousy, hatred, deceit, stubbornness and laziness. 

The fact that time is cyclic gives us not just hope, but an assurance that Ram Rajya will soon be a reality:

  • The 24-hour cycle consists of morning, afternoon, evening, night. 
  • The 365 day cycle consists of spring, summer, autumn, winter. 
  • The World Cycle consists of Satyug (Golden Age), Treta Yug (Silver Age), Dwapar Yug (Copper Age) and Kaliyug (Iron Age). 

Every night is followed by morning … every winter is followed by spring … likewise every Kaliyug is followed by Satyug.

In Satyug, our soul power remains at its highest. So we naturally identify ourselves as souls who use the body to come into action. In this era our innate purity radiates as peace, love and happiness in every scene. Since contentment is the personality of the soul, there are no desires. 

In Kaliyug, our soul power falls to its lowest. So we have forgotten our true identity and believe the self to be the body, role and relationship. We therefore look for love, peace and happiness externally, and this causes stress, fear, anger and worry. Our never-ending desires do not let the soul experience contentment or bliss. 

How can we create this paradigm shift from Kaliyug to Satyug? By shifting from Ego Consciousness to Soul Consciousness.

  • Ego means ‘attachment to a wrong image of myself’. In ego consciousness, we identify ourselves to be a body. So we prioritize perfection of the body and try to give it happiness through what we touch, watch, listen, speak or eat.
    Truth is that we are souls. We take care of the body as its trustees and lead a lifestyle that keeps it healthy.
  • In ego consciousness we consider ourselves as roles and see others also as roles. Hence we constantly feel either inferior or superior to someone, resulting in intolerance or aggression.
    In soul consciousness we perceive everyone as equals. We remain aware that “I am a pure soul interacting with another pure soul. We are just playing different roles.”
  • In ego consciousness we see people through labels of relationships and create mental images of an ideal parent, child, spouse, friend and colleague. Someone not meeting our expectations causes hurt, disrespect and conflicts.
    In soul consciousness, we remember that everyone is a soul on a journey and has created different sanskars (nature) along the journey. This understanding makes acceptance and compassion natural.
  • In ego consciousness, we have an attitude of ‘What’s in it for me?’. We believe that the more we accumulate or achieve, the more successful and satisfied we become. We prioritize what we get and what we do, thus creating comparison, competition, jealousy and hatred.
    Soul consciousness nurtures an attitude of ‘What can I do for them?’ and makes ‘Seva Bhav’ natural. We prioritize how we do and what we give, consequently elevating our sanskars and karmas.

Shifting from our lowest vibrational ego conscious state of Ravan Rajya to our highest vibrational soul conscious state of Ram Rajya – The Time is NOW.

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