Maa Durga

Power to Let Go

Our second inherent power to explore during Navratri, is the “Power to Let Go,” a force that gracefully emerges through the “Power to Detach.” This extraordinary power holds the key to illuminating our soul. To sustain a soul filled with joy and strength, we must liberate ourselves from the weight of the past. This journey involves the indispensable practices of forgiveness, forgetting, and embracing letting go as a way of life.

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Essence from the Video

  • Power to Let Go is a tribute to the reveredMaa Durga, a symbol of both a Loving mother and a fierce warrior. She embodies the perfect equilibrium between “Love and Law,” imparting wisdom in discipline and triumph over inner vices
  • To master the “Power of Letting Go,” we must first free our minds from the past, let go of guilt, shed expectations, release self-image, and gently detach from subtle attachments
  • The art of letting go not only lightens our soul but also helps resolve karmic accounts
  • Meditation is a powerful tool to aid in this transformation, allowing our soul to recharge with the “Supreme Soul” and manifest beautiful changes 

Inspirations for Today

  • In the next 24 hours, let’s work on letting go expectations and liberating the self from questions like ‘why,’ ‘what’ and ‘how’. Whenever facing these inner questions in form of anxiety or unrest lets decide or choose to let go and hold on to the positivity and assurance of goodness in all situations
  • Let’s celebrate each win of using power to let go to be free from within

Anticipating our meaningful connection tomorrow, we eagerly delve into another empowering facet of embodiment. Wishing you a day filled with blessings!

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