Importance of water conservation

The Importance of Water Conservation: Protecting Our Most Valuable Resource

Water is the most important and valuable natural resource on Earth. It sustains all life. There is no life without water. Water is not only important for human beings but for the entire ecosystem. Without enough water, the existence of humans, as well as animals, is next to impossible. After fresh air, water is the second most important natural resource for the survival of any living being.

Water is necessary for the survival of each living creature on this planet, be it a small worm, plant, or full-grown tree. Animals and plants cannot survive without water. About 71% of Earth’s surface is covered with water. Unfortunately, only 3% of the water available is freshwater. About two-thirds of the freshwater lies in the form of frozen glaciers and ice caps. The rest of the small portion is available in the form of groundwater and surface water. Depletion of fresh water has become a threat to our existence. According to some scientists, the quantity and the quality of water are degrading day by day. Although Earth is covered with almost 71% of water, the quality is that we cannot use it in day-to-day life for domestic purposes.

Due to the increasing environmental pollution, the drops of water, which transmit life force to all the living beings, flora and fauna of the earth, is becoming contaminated. Therefore, the crisis of clean drinking water is the biggest crisis for the existence of human beings on this earth. The only solution to this problem is to bring awareness which requires immediate attention of individuals, institutions and government.

Man may reach the heights of material progress and scientific achievements, but his life is incomplete without water. It is necessary for all of us to understand that it is only through water conservation and water management, we can overcome this crisis which is threatening our existence. It is being observed that size of rivers and traditional water sources are reducing day by day and this can lead to water scarcity in the near future times. 

Water is nectar

For thousands of years, man searched for the nectar as described in mythological texts. But he didn’t understand that water obtained from pure and natural sources is that nectar which provides him with life force and good health. Water is life and he is living in a world of modernity and materialism where he has forgotten the importance of water. He is thus, facing health related diseases and environmental disaster.

Man is destroying the natural and traditional sources of water due to his greediness. Due to indiscriminate urbanization and industrialization, pollution   of underground water and rivers is continuously increasing as all toxic chemical substances (industrial wastes) are secreted into the river. This is giving rise to shortage of clean drinking water. Drinking water obtained through scientific techniques and methods can never be a substitute for pure and naturally obtained drinking water. 

If there is water, there is future

The golden future of man does not depend on the human settlements being built on the moon, but on pure natural drinking water. Pure drinking water is the golden future of humanity. Nature responds to our vibrations and natural resources were pure and pristine during the Golden Age. Satyuga (Golden age) is the world where clean and pure water is available through natural sources. It has been proved by the modern scientific researchers that the positive waves (vibes) generated by human thoughts makes water pure, satwic and energetic.

Man can attain economic prosperity and attainment only by conserving water. So, water conservation is our primary and essential need. Clean air can be obtained only from clean water. Water is speaking to man in silent language, ‘You conserve me, I will give you life.’ 

Need for water conservation

Water conservation is essential for making the earth green by reducing deserts, expanding the continuously shrinking water streams of rivers, raising the underground water level and for the well-being, progress and prosperity of human beings.

In order to conserve rain water, motivate people to make ‘Rain Water Harvesting System’ in their house-courtyard, fields, open fields, etc. This step is the urgent need and call of the time. The underground water level can be raised by stopping the wasted water by making small dams. Ground water can be used as per minimum requirement. This is also a meaningful step towards water conservation.

Creating awareness of water conservation

Rajyoga and spirituality plays a vital role in creating special awareness among the people for water conservation. Creating awareness of pure and clean water among the people gives way for water conservation. People can be easily made aware of water conservation by instilling respect for elements of nature. Awareness of water conservation is very important for the existence of human life.  

Purification of Nature by Rajyoga Meditation

Rajyoga meditation is a very effective technique for the development of inner consciousness and awareness towards human values and nature. The practice of Rajyoga develops satwic instincts and attitudes in man, due to which the ongoing struggle between man and nature ends. It also leads to overall harmony. In fact, there is a very deep connection between nature and spirituality.

It has been proved through scientific research that the Powerful and positive thought waves that are generated by the practice of Rajyoga have a deep impact in the environment and nature. This also increases the productivity of plants and crops. It completely ends the dependence on toxic chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Due to this, both water and land are directly conserved and promoted.

Contribution of Brahma Kumaris organization in water conservation

Eco-friendly systems have been built for water conservation in international headquarters of Brahma Kumaris including Gyan Sarovar, Shantivan and other areas. In order to maintain the underground water level in the Shantivan campus, arrangements have been made to store 32 lakh litres of water and 8 lakh litres of water is purified by chain filter method and the used water is made clean again by recycling method and this water is used for watering plants. The campus is made green by irrigation.

The Brahma Kumaris Organization regularly participates in UN conferences, seminars and campaigns on conservation of water and nature around the world. Here the youths are taught about conservation of water and nature. They are given various online training too. The Rural Development Wing of Rajyoga Education & Research Foundation, sister concern of Brahma Kumaris is playing an active role in this direction.

Jal Jan Abhiyan

Jal Jan Abhiyan is being implemented by the Ministry of Jal Shakti and the Brahma Kumaris organization. It is a positive initiative taken in the direction of water conservation to save human beings and humanity. The goal of water conservation can be achieved only by creating collective consciousness among the people by conserving water and nature. This campaign has been planned keeping in mind its objectives.

Objectives of Jal -Jan Abhiyan:

1) Creating awareness among the people about water conservation through water management. 

2) Motivating people to conserve water by ‘Rain Water Harvesting System’, in the land available with them.

3) Encouraging traditional sources of water conservation such as digging ponds and drains or building small water storages on sloping land.

4) Motivating people to plant trees on vacant lands and fields.

5) Motivating farmers to save water by irrigating with sprinkler method.

6) To generate positive consciousness among people towards water conservation through Rajyoga Meditation.

7) Seminars can be conducted to create awareness about water conservation.

8) Organizing Essay & debate competition for school or college students so that awareness can be created for water conservation.

9) Various fairs and exhibitions can be organized for farmers and villagers to create awareness for water conservation.

10) Religious and social organizations can play an important role in creating awareness among youth and women about water conservation.

11) To make people aware about water conservation through printing press, electronic and social media.

12) To bring awareness in every house towards water conservation.


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