Virtues & Trees

The essence of growing with value lies in understanding the interconnection of all life forms with nature.
Brahmakumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya has taken an initiative named Kalp Taruh by which all its service centres, sub service centres, and wherever meditation classes are held will plant about 75 trees each. From June 5th to August 25th, we plan to plant as many trees as possible to create a pure and peaceful environment. This act not only includes planting of trees but also its development and nourishment. All associated information regarding the planting, upbringing and many other related information required for the success of this endeavour will be uploaded on the mobile app especially created for this purpose.
The trees are exceedingly valuable and essentially form the lungs of the world. We all must therefore plant these trees with a lot of positive vibrations. A single tree nurtures generations (i.e., young children play under its shade and the enlightened meditate under its canopy.) It is hereby requested of you all to participate in this project and plant trees for it bestows feelings of familial love, humility, and attainments of several other virtues. There is a lot we can learn from the tree in terms of divine virtues.



First and foremost is the value of peace. The initial stage of the seed, the one in which the seed is planted into the ground until it sprouts out to grow into a sapling. Until then it lies there in peace, in solitude getting prepared and ready for the next phase of its life.
The vibrations of peace that we send to the universe are absorbed by all the elements of nature. Nature also consists of the virtue of peace. Therefore, when we plant this tree, we must remain in the state of peace. Consequently, even when the leaves rustle due to wind it will create a peaceful and pleasant environment and with that the birds and animals will also experience tranquillity thereby creating a cycle of transaction of peace between us and nature.



A true and intact example of love is Mother Nature, which gives everything to us abundantly, unconditionally, and indiscriminately. The trees from Mother Nature provide us oxygen and bring shelter with the shade for everyone neutrally. With love, all fruits of value are sweet and beautiful as from a healthy tree.
The virtue of love which is the fundamental quality that creates harmony among all. It is due to love that we social beings can build communities and the world as we know is a big family. Presently, we have become violent and selfish not just with each other but also with nature. Now is the time wherein we must reconnect with God and take love from him and not only love ourselves unconditionally but spread this love to all the elements of the universe. Only then will nature be benevolent to us.



The plant in its growing phase tolerates the additional weight of each leaf and shoot, the carrying temperatures, the little animals around it, etc. Trees and nature suffer immeasurable perils due to folly of human actions. Case in point, when trees are covered with fruits, children throw rocks aiming to fell the fruits. However, the tree never retaliates. Much the same way, people who are laden with the fruits of virtues and powers will not get affected by the behaviour of other people towards them. Such people will give gifts of virtues to everyone by their virtue of tolerance. Thus, the attribute of tolerance acts as a medium for fulfilling everyone.
Tolerance in its deeper essence is really beyond the apparent things which divide us. We often observe that tolerant people often find solutions to every situation very quietly. It is because of the great power gifted by God and cultivated within ourselves to beautify our existence with a little tolerance.



Where there is humility in humanity it brings maturity, not in age but in thoughts and sweetness in actions.
Just as the branches of trees when laden with fruits automatically bow down so that the fruits are available to everyone, similarly whatever gifts of virtues and powers we receive from God we must bow down and share them with others by the attribute of humility. Thus, humility is a must in this day and age as most of the problems are caused by human ego (ego of possessions, position, property, and the people we think we can control in our life etc).



Like the tree when fully grown is home to many creatures and birds; it provides sustenance to all of them selflessly. Compassion is the art within, which gives rise to love, warmth, cordiality, gentleness and altruism and generates a deep awareness of the suffering of others to relieve it. Compassion and mercy entail forgiveness and non-violence respectively. Despite our several sins and crimes against nature we continue to receive its abundance and grace by virtue of its forgiveness and non-violence. This feeling of compassion we must delegate to all things big and small thereby becoming an embodiment of Compassion.
We are all having the force and power of compassion within us to change the world, all we need is to awaken and nourish these core values, which ask no money but a thought, a consciousness to grip and grasp, a frame of mind to share, and a gesture to care. Dadi Jankiji once said- “The inspiration to serve emerges when a soul has three qualities- mercy, compassion, and true love.”