Every year the world loses 10 million hectares of forest. 

Deforestation accounts for 11 % of carbon emissions.


Many Organisations, Governments and NGOs are doing Commendable work in reversing this trend

What would be necessary to strengthen this initiative as a People’s movement?

People's Movement

Calls for an engagement with individuals (from all walks of life) to enhance their awareness and ability to take actions that are sustainable and responsible towards nature. Combines the sacred process to nurture a tree as well as the individual through values.

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Kalp Taruh is a key plantation project cum mechanism By Brahma Kumaris to ensure land restoration and promote higher order values for building a better civilized society and support many of the UN SDGs.



Kalp Taruh ?

     Kalp Taruh is KalpTaru + Ruh – This term is a confluence of 2 objectives, Taru Means Tree in Hindi and Ruh means the Spiritual Energy/Being/Spirit that functions through the body.

     Trees symbolize many spiritual values, for example, the Banyan tree is known to be a symbol of abundance, whereas the Peepal tree is known to be a symbol of respect & sacredness. Similarly, inherent to every soul is a spectrum of virtues, which if brought into practice makes life- blissful, relationships- harmonious, teams- effective, society- just, environment- clean and healthy, and the world- perfect and glorious. 

     With this project, we aim to combine the sacred process to nurture a tree as well as the soul through values, as the project is to provide sustenance to both the plant and the person who plants. So, the word has been clubbed together to form – Kalp Taruh.

How we are doing this ?

1. Onboarding Partners

To have a large-scale impact and bring about a global transformation we have open space to collaborate with all small, big , government and non-government institutions like schools, universities, forest department, community spaces, faith based organizations, hospitals, special homes, etc.

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2. Launch

Launching of the project at National Level on the occasion of 50th World Environment Day – 5th June 2022

3. One Person One Plant

We encourage an Individual to Pick one Sapling and Plant One Sapling. Each sapling planted as part of the project will be registered in a mobile app for the documentation (such as location of the plant, name of the person planted, etc).

One person one plant
One Person
One Plant
One Planet



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4. Sustenance

Through this mobile app, we will periodically share creative activities, short stories, Affirmations, Scintific & Environment Aspect, Meditation commentaries related to Values for personal sustenance. We will also share tips and techniques to support the sustenance of sapling.

To achieve this, this initiative extends the action of planting trees with the addition of internal values that can be nurtured in each human being.

Restoring Ecosystem


Individual Environmental Responsibility

Individual Environmental Responsibility to care for our earth, which is a constant provider of all our individual needs.


Corporate Environmental Responsibility

Corporate Environmental Responsibility to achieve footprint neutrality and compensate the decrease of green area to build concrete structures.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility towards the holistic upliftment of the society with respect to mental, emotional, physical, environmental and spiritual needs

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