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Withdraw From Outer Chaos And Inner Emotions

The ability to withdraw can be correlated with the behaviour of a tortoise. When it senses any danger a tortoise withdraws within its tough shell. Introspection is about stepping inside and meeting myself a few times during the day. This inner quietness recharges our battery. By going deeper inside and concentrating on the self, we draw closer to God and receive a current of pure energy that dissolves negative sanskaras. Practicing regularly for a minute every hour helps us to conquer wrong habits. Once we get into the habit of connecting to the self and God, we can do it in the midst of any situation. Using this ability we continue to be with people and amidst challenges but withdraw internally from the energy of the situation. We step back from our emotions, detach and see if we are creating any turbulence. If so, we understand that our ego is causing pain and hence remind our self that peace is needed, thereby emerging thoughts of peace.

Withdrawing offers us the ability to examine a situation from all perspectives. It brings us clarity to create and choose the right response. So we do not react impulsively using old patterns of behaving. We also do not get sucked into the energies present around us. We connect to our inner self and experience stillness when we withdraw from outer chaos and our inner emotions. It is in this stillness that we will find creative solutions to our problems. The ability of being with people and withdrawing from their energy protects us. The energy of peace with which we respond to them empowers them also.

Go into your shell and ask yourself today – Do I have any habits that have a negative impact on my daily behaviours? How can I start to shift or dissolve this habit?


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దేవి దేవతల 5 అర్హతలు

కలియుగం (ఇనుప యుగం) చివరిలో మరియు సత్యయుగం (స్వర్ణయుగం) ప్రారంభానికి ముందు, మానవాళికి రాత్రి మరియు మానవాళికి పగలు మధ్య ఉన్న ప్రస్తుత సంగమయుగంలో భగవంతుడు మానవులను దేవీ దేవతలుగా మారుస్తున్నారు. దేవీ దేవతలకు

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