18th dec soul sustenance

Start Feeling People's Vibrations

When you meet someone, where does your attention go? One: you focus on how they appear and what they’re wearing. Two: you focus on what they say and what they do. Let’s shift to the third option: focus on how their vibration feels. When we feel someone’s vibrations, we understand them accurately. Do you feel a very heavy energy when working with a particular person, and you just wait to move away? Have you sensed a good vibe from a person you barely spend an hour with, and you wish to meet them more often? We are usually quick to judge people by external factors of how they appear, how they are dressed, their position, vocabulary and body language – we are missing the point. People’s vibrations reveal who they truly are. Each person carries their vibrations, and we can feel them by pay a little attention. When we silence our mind and turn away attention from visible parameters, we sense invisible energies, their vibes. It helps us understand the other person’s nature and intentions. The next time you meet someone, feel their vibes. Words or behaviors may be deceptive but vibrations cannot lie.

Radiate your authentic vibrations to others. Likewise, take your focus to a higher frequency when you meet someone, to find out what is the vibration of the person is, do not get stuck at lower vibrations, choose to feel the vibrations and energy of everyone you meet, silence your mind and shift your focus on how they feel. Feel their energy field, feel their intentions, recognize them and understand them as they are. Trust your intuition and then choose a response that is right for you and the situation and take your interaction forward. Do not get entangled in their vibrations. As you go beyond external factors, you no longer get carried away by any falsehood or artificialness in people. Reading people’s energy fields sharpens your intuition.


20th july 2024 soul sustenance telugu

ప్రతి ఒక్కరికీ పట్ల మీ దృష్టిని నిష్పాక్షికంగా, ఆధ్యాత్మికంగా మార్చుకోండి

గౌరవం మరియు వినయం అనే మీ వాస్తవిక లక్షణాల ద్వారా ఇతరులతో కనెక్ట్ అవ్వండి. మీ లక్షణాలు మీవే, వాటిని ప్రతి ఒక్కరితో, ప్రతి పరిస్థితిలో మరియు ప్రతిసారీ ఉపయోగించుకోండి. మీరు ఒక వ్యక్తితో

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