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The Beauty Of Christmas – A Festival Of Love And Joy (Part 2)

  1. Also, Christmas reminds us of beautiful angels with wings and a divine wand in their hands. Wings symbolize the angelic and light stage of the mind, which is experienced through purity and soul-consciousness and the divine wand is a symbol of positive blessings which we receive from God and then share with each and every soul in the world. Also, we as angels, at the present time, whisper the divine message of Godly wisdom to everyone and awaken them from the sleep of spiritual ignorance. Angels are shown with a halo or pure aura around their face or over their head, which is a sign of an awakened consciousness.

  2. Christmas also involves exchanging gifts and merry making along with special meals together. All these festivities have a spiritual significance and symbolic of we as human beings sharing the gifts of goodness and Godly beauty, which we have imbibed from God, amongst each other and enjoying ourselves while doing that. Also, at the same time enjoying beautiful food for thought or spiritual wisdom, which God feeds our intellect with everyday and makes us spiritually healthy and strong with it.

  3. Christmas reminds us that God is with us and we should celebrate each day in Godly love and His constant company and remain spiritually intoxicated and become very sweet like God and radiate that sweetness through every thought, word and action to everyone.


(To be continued tomorrow …)

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जिंदगी की दौड़ में ना भागें…. प्रेजेंट मोमेंट को एंजॉय करें (भाग 1)

जिंदगी की दौड़ में ना भागें….प्रेजेंट मोमेंट को एंजॉय करें (भाग 1)

हर मनुष्य खुशियां चाहता है। हम अपने लिए खुशियों को ढूंढते रहते हैं और अपने हर एक लक्ष्य; हमारा स्वास्थ, सुंदरता, धन या अपनी भूमिकाओं

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పోటీ పడటం మానండి… ఈ క్షణాన్ని ఆస్వాదించండి (పార్ట్ 1)

ప్రతి ఆత్మ సంతోషాన్ని కోరుకుంటుంది. సంతోషంగా ఉండటం కోసం సంతోషాన్ని వెతుకుతుంటాము. ఆరోగ్యం, అందం, ధనము, పాత్ర వంటి ఇతర గమ్యాలు కూడా విలువైనవే ఎందుకంటే అవి మనకు సంతోషాన్నిస్తాయి అని మనం భావిస్తాము.

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