24th February – Soul Sustenance

Stars Of Success (Part 2) –

People who are beautiful natured and very very specially gifted in lots of ways achieve a lot in their lives. Some people are so lucky that they are born to excel in different spheres of life like in human relationships, at work, in becoming better human beings and at everything else they do. Life for them is about giving to everyone and contributing to life in different beautiful ways. We all know that goodness gives happiness to all those around, but at times in different life’s situations, we fail to bring our qualities into action. So true success as a person is using qualities at every step and becoming a special actor in life, the one’s whose actions everyone looks up to and takes inspiration from. And success at the level of personality brings success in every other sphere of life.

We all play different roles in life and every role requires certain skills and talents to make them full of success. A talent-filled person stands out as special in this world. But if we want to give happiness to everyone while experiencing success, we need to be special as a person too. Talents are sometimes physical in nature but our goodness adds beauty to these talents and makes us seen as special stars of success. Also, the more good natured we are, the more talents we acquire and God also fills us with many many specialties that make us a complete person. Such complete people make the world a special place to live in and they also make God extremely proud.

(To be continued tomorrow …)