Bringing loved ones moving away from us closer

May 9, 2024

Bringing Loved Ones Moving Away From Us Closer

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Most of us come into relationships to get love, respect and acceptance, without realizing that our role is to give, not get. And when our expectations are not fulfilled, we try to change people, which means we aren’t accepting them. We are sending them negative energy, causing them to move away from us. Our relationships especially with loved ones hold so many promises, but today people are moving away from each other at alarming rates. The good news is that one of the two people can take responsibility to heal the other and re-harmonize their bond.

  1. Introspect on your contribution which led to a loved one to move away. Reflect on your perception about that person – maybe you perceived the person negatively, created negative thoughts, felt negative, developed a negative attitude, behaved negatively, and hence transmitted negative energy. 
  2. Meditate daily to strengthen your qualities of love and compassion. You will be able to heal your hurt. Thereby you will not expect an apology from the other person to feel better.
  3. Pay attention to what you think and feel about them, and not what they think about you. Accept them, focus on their qualities. Radiate an energy of love, acceptance and respect. Your energy begins to heal them. 
  4. The other person may continue to hold on to the pain or anger towards us. Give them time. And even if they cannot return into the relationship, the quality of the energy exchange with them changes.

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