30th jul soul sustenance

Overcome Artificialness And Manipulation

Believing that we need to please people to be happy, we look to hide our mistakes, project ourselves to be perfect, and while doing so we lose our originality and integrity. We desire to be authentic and convey what is on our mind but fail at times. We end up pretending or manipulating in order to please people. More than cheating others, we cheat ourselves.

1. Check for artificialness in your behaviors. Do you fake a smile when holding pain within? Do you project yourself in ways that don’t align with your personality? Or do you wonder – Should I say this or should I not…? Artificialness depletes your inner power drastically.

2. Each time your words are different from your feelings, you are depleting your inner power. You suppress your thoughts and speak perfect words. Do not convert at the level of words but change your thoughts to make them of the quality which can be spoken.

3. Meditate every morning and study spiritual knowledge to understand and realize your true nature of purity and perfection. In every interaction, promise yourself that you will create right thoughts. And you will develop the power to be your authentic self.

4. Say what you think and do what you say. When you are who you are, you will accept people as they are. Life will become simpler and you will feel lighter to live the truth.

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  పోటీ పడటం మానండి… ఈ క్షణాన్ని ఆస్వాదించండి (పార్ట్ 3)

భవిష్యత్తు మాత్రమే అత్యంత ముఖ్యమైనది అనే ఆలోచన నుండి కూడా మనం విముక్తి పొందాలి. సామాజికంగా చెల్లుబాటు అయ్యే లక్ష్యాలను సాధించే ఈ ట్రెడ్‌మిల్‌లో, విజయాన్ని గెలవడానికి ప్రయత్నిస్తూనే ఉంటాము,  కనీసం దానిని సాధించినందుకు

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