Overcome addiction to gadgets

June 8, 2024

Overcome Addiction To Gadgets


Do you check your phone every 10 minutes? And do you panic when your phone battery drops to 20 percent? Can you not stop watching mobile or TV screens at mealtime? And can you not stop checking emails when you’re with your family? From using gadgets to abusing them, gadget addiction is hampering our happiness, health and relationships. Limiting screen time saves you time and energy. Remind yourself everyday – I am a powerful being. I use my gadgets for their utility, I am not addicted to any of them. I limit my time with technology. My gadgets don’t control my time, energy or habits.

Do you sense an overexposure to digital screens? Are your gadgets becoming a huge part of your life? The extra hours of digital screen-gazing might be building into addiction. It all begins with signs of wanting – to read every news item, to watch another cricket match, to catch up with episodes of a TV show we missed and so on…the thoughts lead to action, action to habit, and habit turns into addiction. Decide your screen time and stick to that schedule until it becomes a habit. Your will power and discipline to support your intentions will end gadget addiction. Instead of viewing other people’s lives through gadgets, be more productive with your own life. Start relating to your gadgets and technology in healthy ways. Your computer, phone and TV have made your life comfortable. Become a master of them and make your gadgets your instruments. Don’t be addicted to your gadgets. Make sure your gadgets do not control your mind, they don’t make you happy or sad. Appreciate their utility, enjoy using them, connect to them when needed and disconnect without feeling uncomfortable. Don’t get disturbed if you can’t use them for any reason. watch TV only for x hours a day, use your computer only when necessary, phone only when required, do not keep checking for new messages, do not read or watch everything on media and social media. Consume only what is healthy for your mind and body.

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