Brahmakumaris: An Institution with unique spiritual strength

“Our so called success in the external world is purely temporary. There is no harmony in what we believe and what we do. Science is important, no doubt. But what we need is a Science coupled with Spirituality. Similarly, education, unless it is based on values, is not going to give the desired results. Now we find that instead of imbibing values we are full of negative qualities. Power of mind over matter as in the case of psychic surgery, which was the subject of a recent conference I attended at Philippines, has already been proved by science. Not everything has been explained by science, because science is also progressing. One day it is going to tell the phenomenon of absorption of spiritual power also.

Eventually, I am bound to say that we are not doing any honour to the Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya. We are blessed with this unique opportunity of participating in this Dialogue-cum-Retreat. Wherever I go, I have no hesitation in saying that I have never seen an Institution with unique spiritual strength like the Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya where right from the highest Dadi to the new brothers or sisters cutting vegetables in kitchen or doing service somewhere in the yagya are all embodiments of values and practical philosophers of spirituality. This is the message I would carry with me, wherever I go”.

After my arrival and stay in Gyan Sarovar, I watched with great admiration every activity since 4 PM. There was perfect discipline, orderliness, punctuality and cleanliness everywhere and in every sphere of activity. The speakers had in depth knowledge of the various subjects on which they spoke. All of them were articulate and spontaneous in their expressions. They handled every subject with competence and composure. They were sure of whatever was assigned to them. All the BKs were cheerful, dynamic and dedicated. Whatever the job, whether it was the protocol duty of receiving the guests at airport or railway station or conducting them around the campus or for the various activities, one witnesses the height of efficiency and perfection. They maintained the freshness and the cheerful and spontaneous attitude throughout the day in all situations, at all times.

During the international seminars and conferences, the way the BKs conducted the affairs won the admiration of all the delegates. During the Shivaratri celebrations at Shantivan complex 20,000 delegates were accommodated, housed and fed. All the operations were smooth. Yet, everywhere there was orderliness and cleanliness. Every delegate appeared quite happy and satisfied with the arrangements.

One is all the more impressed and overwhelmed to hear that there was not a single paid employee anywhere in the campus (excepting a few locals engaged as domestic help). All arrangements were efficiently and happily undertaken by groups of volunteers from various parts of the country. At the largest pillar-less hall in Asia, over 20,000 people gathered out of whom 2000 were foreigners from over 70 countries. There was perfect discipline and silence when the gathering stayed on from 6PM till early morning. The simultaneous translation 18 languages made it possible for everyone to understand every bit of the proceedings.

It was a great experience for me to receive divine blessings through the trans messenger Rajyogini Gulzar Dadi. The trans-messenger held her hand in the blessing posture, her powerful and gracious eyes focused on my eyes. I could realize it went on for quite sometime. She spoke the voice of Brahma Baba a whispering tone. As I was overwhelmed by the power of grace, I could not even comprehend or hear fully the words that were uttered. The only words I repeatedly heard were “ Aap Gupt Ratan Ho”, “You are a secret jewel and God likes you. You will be more and more happy and you will achieve more and more success”. I told that “I am already acting as the mike of Baba by speaking about the services rendered by BKs both inside and outside the country”. She said that Baba is happy for the same and I should continue to do noble work. Every visit of mine to any Brahmakumari function, whether at the Headquarters or anywhere else, only goes to reinforce my oft-repeated statement for sheer dedication and total commitment of every one in the organization. Brahmakumaris will remain the foremost in the entire world.