Change should always be for betterment

“On arriving here, I became aware of this newly built ‘Academy for A Better World’. I was also told about the Global Hospital, the activities of which have been highly praised. It is a matter of great pleasure that your organization has constantly been progressing; it is a developing organization. You are performing the task of making this world a better place to live in. This has been our aim since ancient times. There is both an angel as well as an animal instinct in man—constant endeavors are required to awaken angelic and divine propensities lying dormant in him, to inspire him on the path of becoming a deity from human being—Nar Se Narayan—and also check and keep the animal instincts in him under control.

I am extremely pleased to see the environment of this entire complex. The power of the organization should be utilized for the betterment of society. It is of immense value. In this organization, there is dedication and generosity, the deep instinct of service. There is also a deep desire to make the world a better place through toil and labour, just as sandalwood spreads its fragrance by vanquishing its own existence. Such organizations are the need of the hour. You have created this Harmony Hall, and you are running centres to inspire positivism in people. You have been providing training of various types; even foreigners are taking a share from that.

Here they understand that it is the first step of the ladder of human welfare. It is a matter of great pleasure that our culture is being praised in other countries also. The organisations engaged in this noble task should be honoured, they should be provided co-operation. India should be better, this Kalpa should be better, tomorrow should be better than today. Better — it is a very important word. They say there has been a change, what is the change? Is it the change for betterment? Change should always be for betterment. We should not look back, should not fall. We should march forward and take India to new heights. We should make such a great India. Based on such India, the whole world should be created. You are engaged in this noble task. I wish you all success. You showered a lot of love on me. I am grateful to you for that.”

Atal Bihari Vajpayee