God helps us through this institution

This is an organization where balance is taught naturally. Values and powers are your inheritance from the Parampita (Supreme Father). They invited guests from all over India, but have said, “This is your home’’. I have not seen an institution with this attitude, namely, ‘everything is yours. You have to share your efforts with us in bettering the world’. We are all children of one God and hence this world is like one home. Today the vision of the Vedas ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’ has become a reality not because of various philosophical paths of teachings, but because of teachings of the Brahma Kumaris, which revolve around mutual brotherly love. Unless we have love for each other, how can you establish one united world?

Keep always smiling. There is no ceiling limit for love. Draw and manifest the powers within and bring about the change in the human system for the better world. This Brahma Kumaris Institution has helped us to cross over this world of unhappiness. I would rather say that God helps us through this institution. Whenever I leave Brahma Kumaris Headquarters after a short stay here, I usually have a feeling that I am leaving a place where I should be. As was stated by Dadi, this place is like our home and people living here are god’s blessed people”.

{The below speech was delivered at the inaugural of Om Shanti Retreat Centre, Gurgaon, on 19th April, 2003 at the convention on “Evolution of a Good Human being”)

I am indeed very happy to be here in this divine environment of Om Shanti Retreat Centre and also it is a great honour for me to be in the midst of the spiritual leaders of Brahma Kumaris Academy for A Better World. I have visited Brahma Kumaris Spiritual Academy at Mount Abu and Abu Road a number of times to participate in the research programme of integrated treatment of body and mind particularly for the cardiac patients in the Global Hospital and Research Centre. The programme aims at alleviating the pain of cardiac patients by combination of vegetarian fibrous diet, meditation and aerobic exercises. Definitely, Mt. Abu gave a good solution for integrating Mind and Body.

Also I used to meet more than 5000 high school students in their campus from all parts of Rajasthan. The beautiful environment of prayers and meditation is indeed a unique experience. Above all, on 3rd February 2002, when I visited the Brahma Kumari Academy, the divine echo reverberated with a message. It was a great spiritual breeze with affirmation, ‘Bharat will become the most beautiful land on earth’. I have come exactly to explore inner powers.

The brothers and sisters here are always smiling and I asked one sister, ‘Sister, these days people don’t smile. But how do you keep always smiling?’. That sister again smiled and said, ‘We are the children of our Supreme Father, God, Who is Ocean of Love and Happiness. He wants us to be peaceful, pure, happy and prosperous always. That’s why, we, the B.K. brothers and sisters, are always smiling’. So the message I will take from this Dialogue will be the inner powers through meditation which is the connectivity of knowledge and the Source of Power namely God. To me the growth and progress of civilization is dependent on parental care, elementary level education and inner powers of our souls.

Besides a scientist, I am a poet too and before coming here wrote a poem which ran thus. Divine Beauty Enters into me and Blossoms happiness into body and soul Now after having learnt and experienced so much here from the Brahma Kumaris with regard to inner powers, I am compelled to change my poem slightly like this: DIVINE LIGHT Enters into me and Blossoms happiness Into body and soul. I have also understood the significance of vishwarup or unlimited magnification which is the symbolism of emergence of inner powers”. Surrendering all our problems to God, trusteeship, positive thinking, etc. are some of the ways to overcome our own barriers of mind”.

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam