Raja Yoga – Key for Social Harmony, Individual’s Peace And Bliss

“I am thankful to you for your hospitality during my stay at Mount Abu from 5th to 7th July 2001. During this short time I could forget the worldly attachment and enjoyed the bliss of Paramatma. I believe the knowledge and training imparted here will definitely change the world order and check the degeneration. If more and more people will adhere to your concept of life and philosophy, then heaven will not be far away.

I extend my thankfulness again and again from the very core of my heart for every body that spared their valuable and busy moments for co-operation and love for me. I must not keep quiet in expressing my adoration for the sagacity and brilliancy of sister Geeta and sister Suman who explained the theory and practice of Raja Yoga which is the key for social harmony, individual’s peace and bliss, not only for a particular section, but also for every human being who is in worldly distress. My words cannot picture the scenic beauty of the locality. It has the magical and majestic power to captivate the minds of everybody and drive them towards peace and bliss.”

Ram Chandra Panda