Respect for Values Essential in Administration

While appreciating the work of Brahma Kumaris in spreading values in society, he stated that in the speedily sweeping scenario of globalization, democratization, today’s administrators with multifarious legislative, Judicial and executive accountabilities should subscribe to a set of core values like commitment, pursuit of excellence, social equality, trusteeship and tolerance for peaceful resolution of socio-economic and political tensions and conflicts and for effective utilization of our vast material, moral and human resources. The administrators should be the embodiment of honour, character and virtues with strong determination to do what is right in the larger interest of public and national welfare. We see rampant corruption, growing indiscipline, lack of sensitivity and allergy to the very word accountability in administration today.

There is an urgent need for inculcation of moral and spiritual values by administrators in life and at work to translate intentions and promises into actions and achievements.

Justice K. Venkataswami

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