Supreme Father Re-establishing Peace On Earth

“Kindly accept my unfathomable love and regard for the trusteeship as head of the administration of Brahma Kumaris for world transformation. I felt it at the core of my heart that when there is a great disaster facing the world and there are dark clouds hovering over humanity, the Creator, the Supreme God-Father, descend on the Earth to impart Godly knowledge for re-establishing peace and happiness in the world. I find it a miraculous one.

I was highly delighted to see Mount Abu, the World Headquarters of Brahma Kumaris, an exquisite, calm and serene hill resort full of flora and fauna. I was equally impressed much to find that there is universal goodwill, harmony, co-operation, congenial environment and respect for the human individual, men, women, children, young and old all healthy and happy and peaceful. The silent surroundings at Shantivan were very panoramic and the entire establishment was so amusing and attractive that words will fail to depict each one’s significance.

The yoga program conducted by Sister Shilu and Sister Usha was really very natural and truthful on its spiritual point of view, which engrossed me a while sitting in the meditation hall. That apart, the behavioral phenomena for a short while experienced among inhabitants of Mount Abu is very influential and full of divinity. The enthusiasm I inculcated during my visit was beyond human speculation and surely par-excellence like that Deities (Devata) the hospitality was highly adorable and unforgettable. The senior brothers are so philosophical in trait and philanthropic bent of mind that I could guess from their gait.

Before I pause my pen, I will be failing in my duty if I do not extend my heartfelt gratitude and felicitations to all brothers and sisters, who at their busy hours of spiritual life, extended their co-operation and love for a fellow brother like me, a two-days guest at Mount Abu. I will be extremely happy with my soul and heart if my feelings illustrated in this small letter are focused to all and sundry in the classroom where I have shared my experience. I am very much thankful to Bijaya Bhai of Bhubaneswar, who has given me this opportunity.”

Sarat Kumar Kar