The Practice Of ‘Om Shanti’ Stabilizes the Self in True Peace

“When we review the current education scenario, we understand the need of value education. In Himachal Pradesh, we are giving high priority to education and have also initiated value education in schools. The government has provided several facilities to spread literacy in every district. Children should be taught about social or political issues at an appropriate age when they would understand them properly. Mixing politics with education at higher levels is eating into the roots of our education system. Students are spoiling their lives after getting involved in party politics. Student life is the time when they have to be taught about values respect, compassion, love for nature etc. Prajapita Brahma, the founder of Brahma Kumaris, was a great visionary who empowered a group of women sixty-four years ago, and they are now doing a great work in value education around the world.”

V S Ramadevi