Understand the Essence of Religion

Shivraj patil - brahma kumaris | official

The object of religion is to tell us the meaning of human life, its aim and reveal the secret of death. But today people, not knowing the real meaning of religion, are fighting with one another. They have forgotten the basic principles of religion and are following physical comforts and pleasures. Because we have forgotten the religion and the human relations, there are so many problems being faced by us in society. We cannot negate religion, but religious fanaticism is also not right. Both these situations create problems. In fact what is needed is to understand the true meaning of religion. First we have to create goodwill in human beings. We are trying to investigate into atoms, neutrons, nature, space, animals and birds but we have not been making any efforts to know those. We should have a balance of both-Science and Spirituality. If both these powers work untidily, there can surely be peace, happiness and prosperity in the world.

Shivraj Patil

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