War Does Not Begin With Weapons But it Emanates From The Mind

“His Excellency, the Governor Dr. Channa Reddy ji, Dadiji and friends from various countries of the world! This is a universal conference in which there will be discussions on how to develop and to promote harmony. Efforts will be initiated to make people understand its significance. I believe that everything starts in the mind—be it violence or non-violence; quarrels or brotherly feelings. War does not begin with weapons but it emanates from the mind. As a thought spreads, it ultimately becomes destructive or beneficial. So, which direction should the mind take is not the order of today only. The efforts you exert here may not bear fruit immediately. But the initiatives are very powerful and very effective. This effort is perpetuated to many. One person sows a tiny seed somewhere, which reaches 60 countries and becomes a big tree.

There is definitely some power, which may not be in me, in you or in many. But it can be in one individual. That is an asset. How much can we take from Him? He is an ocean. You will get the amount of water from it depending on the size of your vessel. Dip in a tumbler and you get a tumbler full of water. Dip in a pot and you get a pot full of water. The question is how worthy are we? We wish to increase our worthiness either through education or through spiritual awakening. It is in our culture to speak profundities; to sing hymns praising God and to communicate in a comprehensible manner so that it touches the heart. This is a grandiose heritage, which has come a long way; a very powerful heritage indeed. It goes on and on and we should never renounce it.

We appeal to all institutions that we are surrendering in this matter. We cannot do it. The Government cannot do it. It is you who can do it. When you and I promise to fulfill our respective responsibilities, then we can get maximum results from this venture. You accomplish your task; I accomplish mine; then we can meet from time to time to exchange views. Whatever help you need from the Government, we can give you, but only you or institutions like yours can change the attitudes of people. This is why we bow to you.

Just now. Dr. Channa Reddy said a strange custom in our country is the prostration of a king or an emperor before a sage. When a king bows before a more distinguished royalty, he may not like it. He would prefer to be in his place. But when he bows before a sage, his feelings are completely different. More respect is given to renunciation compared to status. But a position is also necessary. No country can progress without a hierarchy. Everyone has his bondages—codes of conduct.

We should work within the codes of conduct. One lamp may burn out, but it will kindle another one before that. I wish that this chain of enkindled lamps went on so that there is no darkness. Let there be light, let there be brightness. Let this message continue from one generation to another. Institutions like yours set themselves apart because they do not seek the ‘publicity craze’, but people come here because they experience peace. They come; they take something and they nourish it. I believe that such institutions are revered. I pay my high regard to you for fulfilling the task of education – that of inspiring people. We are ready to help in this task whenever you ask. You are executing the job, which we should accomplish—it is our responsibility, which we haven’t fulfilled, and therefore, you are implementing it.

We have to fight many wars for peace in the future. It is rather strange and contradictory that there should be war for peace. It should be a war, which Mahatma Gandhi fought. There were no weapons or nuclear bombs in that war. In tomorrow’s world, there will be a race, but it will not be an arms race on who has more bombs or power. No, it will depend on who has more spiritual power. There will be the race of knowledge and science based on spiritual power. This will determine how the world will be ruled and which nation will get its leadership. The decision will not be based on which country has the most skyscrapers. But it will be awarded to that nation which has noble ideals; the country which is a benefactor to the whole of mankind. It will take some time.

I’m very grateful to all of you for your invitation. I have wanted to come here for the past five or six years, but nothing usually happens according to desires. It occurs at the right time. My program was fixed many times, but I could not make it here. My chance came this time. I thank all of you and also the sisters who never got tired. They would come to me every year. Ultimately, they brought me to this beautiful and peaceful place where no one can leave without being impressed. The depth of impression they carry from here, as I mentioned earlier, depends on each one’s capacity. At least, it will reduce the heat. We want this. I wish to congratulate all of you. Let something be proclaimed from this confer-ence. Let there be a message for the benefit of humanity. Throw some water on the fire of the communal riots in our country. Never mind if the flames are not extinguished.

P.V. Narasimha Rao