Mahashivratri with shivling and point of light as incorporeal god father shiva

Mahashivratri – Essence behind Awakening Fasting & Bhang

Om Shanti. Have you ever pondered the profound layers of spiritual awakening that festivals like Shivratri encapsulate?

In a world brimming with turmoil and unrest, Shivratri emerges not just as a night of reverence but as a beacon of profound spiritual awakening, purity, and a divine connection with the Supreme Soul, Shiva. This post delves into the essence of Shivratri, exploring the significance of awakening, fasting, and the symbolic consumption of bhang, guiding us toward a golden dawn of purity and peace.

Awakening: A Journey from Darkness to Divine Light

Shivratri, symbolizing the night of Shiva, marks a pivotal moment of spiritual resurgence, a shift from darkness to light. It commemorates the descent of the Incorporeal God Shiva into our world, illuminating our intellect with drops of spiritual knowledge. This divine intervention awakens us from the slumber of ignorance, reminding us of our true identity – not as bodies with names and roles but as pure, peaceful souls. This awakening is the first step towards transforming the iron age (Kali Yuga) of moral decay into a golden age (Satya Yuga) of righteousness.

Fasting: A Pledge of Purity and Divine Connection

Fasting, or ‘Upvas’, during Shivratri is not merely an act of physical abstention but symbolizes a state of being near God, residing in a space of mental and spiritual purity. By pledging to purify our thoughts, words, deeds, and relationships, we enable our intellect to become a receptive vessel for divine wisdom. This purity simplifies the divine remembrance, making our connection with God natural and effortless. Thus, fasting on Shivratri transcends physical dimensions, fostering an internal environment where divine qualities flourish.

Bhang: Symbolizing Spiritual Intoxication

While the physical consumption of bhang is a common ritual, its spiritual counterpart is the intoxication of the soul with divine knowledge and power. This spiritual intoxication awakens us to our original virtues of peace, purity, and bliss, steering us away from the external search for happiness. It symbolizes the soul’s elevated state, imbued with God’s wisdom, sustaining us in a state of joy and divine love that transcends the temporal.

The Path to a New Dawn

Shivratri invites us to embark on a journey of self-transformation, guiding us from darkness to the divine light. By embracing the virtues of purity, engaging in self-reflection, and fostering a deep connection with the Divine, we lay the foundations for a new world. It’s a call to shed our vices, akin to offering poisonous flowers, and embrace our innate divinity, heralding the dawn of a golden age.


Shivratri is more than a night of ritualistic observance; it is a profound spiritual journey that offers a roadmap from the iron age of chaos to a golden age of peace and purity. As we internalize the essence of awakening, fasting, and spiritual intoxication, we move closer to realizing our true selves and the divine plan for humanity. Let this Shivratri be a turning point, a pledge for purity, and a step towards a life imbued with divine qualities.

Actionable Tips

  1. Reflect on your inner state and identify areas where purity can be enhanced.
  2. Practice meditation to strengthen your connection with the Divine.
  3. Observe a day of fasting, focusing on spiritual upliftment rather than mere physical abstention.
  4. Engage in selfless service, embodying the virtues of love, peace, and purity.

Thought-Provoking Question

As we embrace the spiritual essence of Shivratri, how can we commit to a path of continuous awakening and transformation, ensuring that every day is a step towards the golden age?

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