Depicting the concept of staying positive by understanding the power of discernment and managing thoughts effectively. The central object is a human silhouette with a glowing brain, surrounded by floating icons representing positive thoughts (hearts, light bulbs, stars). There are also a few negative icons (crossed-out) being pushed away.

The concept of staying positive by understanding the power of discernment and managing thoughts effectively. The central object is a human silhouette with a glowing brain, surrounded by floating icons representing positive thoughts. There are also a few negative icons (crossed-out) being pushed away.

Stay Positive All the Time with These Simple Tips

Have you ever wondered why staying positive feels so challenging at times? What if there were simple practices that could make positivity a natural part of your life? Let’s explore how we can stay positive by understanding the power of discernment and managing our thoughts effectively.

A Personal Story: Understanding the Power to Discern

Imagine you visit a friend’s house, and they treat you rudely. It’s easy to decide not to visit again and feel justified in your anger. But what if you could look beyond your immediate reaction and see the future consequences of your thoughts and actions? This is where the power to discern comes in.

God teaches us that discernment is not a small thing. In every situation, we need to consider not just the present but also the future. When we make decisions based only on the present, we miss out on understanding the long-term effects. For example, thinking negatively about someone who wronged us might seem justified now, but it weakens our power over time and affects our health and relationships.

The Impact of Thoughts on Our Power

To accurately discern, our minds must be focused and stable. A mind filled with unnecessary thoughts cannot make clear decisions. Multitasking and wasteful thoughts tire our minds, reducing our ability to discern and decide accurately. This tiredness leads to poor decisions and further negativity, creating a cycle of wasted energy and weakened resolve.

God says, “Don’t consider this practice of discernment to be a small thing.” It’s essential for any situation or for any soul creating thoughts. The practice of discerning the present and future is needed. Not just the present, but the future also. For example, when doing any Karma (action), if we want to discern whether it is right or wrong, we must not look only at its present but also its future consequences.

Looking Beyond the Present

When we make decisions, we often just think about the present. We think it is right for now, so we do it now. But we are not looking at the future consequences. For instance, if we speak harshly now, the future consequence might be damaged relationships and personal regret. Therefore, we need to think about the future and then discern.

By repeatedly thinking about others negatively, our health deteriorates, and we create a Karmic account of conflict with that soul. So, we need to think about the future and then discern. Only those people can accurately discern whose intellect does not have unnecessary thoughts. Their intellect remains focused on one task and stays stable.

Managing Our Thoughts: A Practical Guide

Thought management is crucial for maintaining positivity. By stopping and observing our thoughts, we can discern whether they are positive, necessary, or wasteful. Positive thoughts empower us, while negative and wasteful thoughts drain our energy. Recognizing and switching from negative to positive thoughts is a practice that strengthens over time.

For instance, if our mind is busy with a lot of wasteful thoughts, our power to discern reduces. Wasteful thinking includes dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. These thoughts are not in our control and only waste our inner power. Instead, we should focus on managing our thoughts effectively.

The Role of Awareness

Awareness is the first step towards managing our thoughts. By becoming aware of what we are thinking, we can decide whether to continue or change our thought patterns. This awareness allows us to shift from negativity to positivity, conserving our mental energy and strengthening our resolve.

God says that the main reason for losing our inner power is the lack of cleanliness of the mind. Just like clean hands can accomplish a lot, a clean intellect can discern right from wrong effectively. We need to understand what is wasteful, ordinary, and elevated in our thoughts.

Practical Steps to Stay Positive

  1. Stop and Observe: When a negative thought arises, stop and observe it. Is it helpful or harmful? God teaches us to observe and then switch our thoughts if they are not beneficial.
  2. Switch Your Focus: Shift your focus from the negative thought to something positive or necessary. Even if wasteful thoughts come, stop and switch them immediately.
  3. Practice Regularly: Just like any skill, thought management requires regular practice. The more you practice, the easier it becomes to switch from negative to positive thoughts.
  4. Maintain Good Wishes: Cultivate good wishes and elevated feelings towards others. This helps overcome wasteful thinking and positively influences others.

Reflect and Act

Think about a recent situation where you reacted negatively. How could you have handled it differently with a positive mindset?

Reflect on this and try to apply the practice of thought management in your daily life.

Remember, positivity is a choice we can make every day.


Guided Meditation Practice

(Turn on above audio and start practicing meditation)

Find a quiet place and sit comfortably. Close your eyes halfway to maintain focus and ease. Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, let go of any tension. Imagine a soft, warm light surrounding you, filling you with calm and peace. With each breath, feel this light growing brighter, dissolving any negative thoughts or feelings. Repeat to yourself, “I am a being of light, filled with peace and positivity.” Stay in this moment, embracing the calm and strength within you.

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