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A Universal Man – Brahma Baba

When we mention the birth place of Brahma Baba, we say that he had his physical birth in Sindh. But, his personality and character were such that he belonged to the world and not only to India or ‘Sindh’. He was a ‘universal man’. No doubt he loved and praised India of the ancient times but his life-style, his understanding and his sympathies reflected his global concerns and his teachings were unfailing and perennial source of spiritual strength to all – whether they be Sindhis, Indians or foreigners. It is said, in the scriptures, that a teacher who imparts spiritual wisdom to the ignorant is a father and a preceptor as well. Brahma Baba was all these three in one. But since all had taken their spiritual birth from the knowledge which ‘the Almighty’ imparted by oration through Brahma Baba’s lotus mouth; Brahma Baba was also the mother of all. He was truly Prajamata and Prajapita Brahma–the great grand Pater-familias honoured by all the mankind.


He recycled the worst into the best

Brahma Baba, in his corporeal form, was unique in many ways. By his own high character, not only did he mould the character of those who came into touch with him but his character moulded a new civilization out of the present degenerated one. Nowadays, people talk of recycling the waste material so that it can be used again. Brahma Baba, also lovingly called ‘Baba’ recycled this waste that is left of the worn out society into the best that can be and that once was. And though he did this creative act, for which he is known as Brahma, the Creator (or Master Creator).
One did not feel from Baba’s face that it was, for him, a strenuous work. He didn’t ever express the view that he was doing the impossible or that he had done something which was the highest a human being could do. The world-famous boxer, had once said, as was reported in a newspaper, “I am the mightiest.” He said so because, in boxing bouts, he had defeated a great many by his sheer physical strength and boxing tricks. But Baba never gave one the feeling that he ever thought of having done something as high as is the sun or the moon. Even though, he, in fact, had done that high because the seers and sages and the erudite scholars of the yore had said in explicit terms that to secure a decisive and final victory over all toll many forces of Maya was humanly impossible. Baba never took any credit of doing this greatest spiritual miracle–if it be called a miracle. Brahma Baba always said: It is ‘the Almighty’s’ work. It is he who is doing it. I was only a rustic man and it is ‘He’ who transmutes an ordinary stone into the ‘Paaras’ or valuable and sacred touchstone which, according to mythology, changes iron into gold.


The Sanjivini that he had

Brahma Baba had obtained from Shiv Baba the secret about the Sanjivini – the mythical herb that can raise a dead person into life. So, those who came to seek spiritual knowledge under his tutelage, he raised them from their state of being fallen, dead spirits, into new, vigorous, divine beings. He used to explain God’s knowledge with the grandest of Sagas or what he called the wonderous story of Satya Narayana.
By relating this eternal story or Amar Katha to the present, he inspired a great many to do heroic spiritual deeds and enabled the humble to face boldly and valiantly and with faith and fortitude the trials and tribulations that block one’s spiritual path. By his these teachings, he enabled many to resolve and, also to fulfil their vow of unbroken chastity.


Brahma Baba – the Altruistic

Not only Brahma Baba uplifted the spiritually fallen ones to new heights of spirituality but he applied on them that alchemy which transmuted them so much that they became instruments of the Almighty, the Holiest of the holy. He gave them such a life-style which is of special class, kind and quality. He gave them to follow a special code of life, a special philosophy of social, ethical and spiritual relations and simple but most valuable solution to human problems and, above all, the realization of the profound spiritual truths.
He gave them the realization that forms the bedrock of the wisdom, one small part of which is that: “Hatred breeds hatred; covetousness and violence inevitably lead to ruin; anger is the arch-enemy of the soul; sex-lust is the leader of all evils; attachment is the bane of spirituality; pride does the worst harm to man. So, the real war is the war against these. The real conquest is in the battle against these enemies.”

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Vedanti behen and her sisters with baba

महिला सशक्तिकरण का अनूठा कार्य

प्रकृति का शाश्वत नियम है रात के बाद दिन और दिन के बाद रात आने का। ठीक उसी तरह जब-जब मानव अपने धर्म-कर्म-मर्यादाओं से गिर जाता है तब-तब कोई न

Baba sharing divine knowledge with children

The Highest Education in the World

Whilst in Karachi, Brahma Baba taught knowledge to the growing family of children, teaching through example as much as through precept. And with the power of meditation (yoga), the souls

Baba with jagdish bhaiji

भगवान हमारा साथी है

हम हृदयंगम करते (दिल से कहते ) हैं कि भगवान हमारा साथी है। भगवान हमारा साथी बना, उसने कब, कैसे साथ दिया यह अनुभव सबको है। एक है सैद्धान्तिक ज्ञान