Brahma baba - companion of god

Companion of God – Brahma Baba

His whole life‐story is by itself a story of the highest form of spiritual love. Just as a lover or a beloved offers his or her all at the altar of love, so did Baba, in the very first moments of his entry into the house of divine love. The aspect of noble love we find in the lovelorn songs of Mira, madly in love with her imaginary beloved in utter disregard of all social conventions, is abundantly manifested in the life‐story of Baba who raised above all public criticism and denunciations.

What is remarkable and unique about his love is that he not only spiritualised it in all its worldly forms and relationships but also concentrated it on the Incorporeal Supreme Soul, ‘Shiv’ who is a non‐physical, eternal entity. It became thus the highest and purest form of love which knew neither any words of elation nor the pangs of separation, but was, on the contrary, at once calm, sweet, serene and an ever present source of divine support, inspiration and approbation.

Brahma Baba’s love for the Almighty lovingly called ‘Shiv Baba’ that he used every difficult situation to serve as a means of His loving remembrance. Even while distributing toli or Prasad, he would ask: “Have you remembered Shiv Baba? And when there was a problem confronting you, he would say: “Remember Him, for, only then will your efforts culminate.” Just as a child instinctively remembers its mother on waking up in the morning and calls out ‘mother… mother…’ or, again, just as a householder remains aware of the needs of his family so also did Brahma Baba remain in incessant, loving remembrance of Shiv Baba. Hence, he was talking about Him all the time.

Once, in the cold weather, Baba along with the children went for a walk up the hill. By the time he thought of returning, the fog became so intense that the way was not visible even two feet ahead. They all stopped and waited for a while in the hope that the mist would clear off a bit. The fog, however, was too dense to oblige. Baba knew everyone would be waiting at the Ashram. He went into meditation and took guidance.

Baba would make such worldly situations also a means of meditative remembrance of Shiva Baba. The worlds like ‘Baba, sweet Baba’, ‘beloved Baba’, would thus keep echoing in his mind. Just as two little children, bosom friends, part for the night to go home to sleep there and, then, again with the start of the next day resume company for routine activities of reading, playing or eating together. So was Baba simply unable to live without Shiv Baba’s company. In fact, the two wouldn’t part with each other even during the night, for Baba would get up any moment between two and three in the morning. He would also say that he slept with Shiv Baba Himself all night. What a unique story it is of love relationship!

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Vedanti behen and her sisters with baba

महिला सशक्तिकरण का अनूठा कार्य

प्रकृति का शाश्वत नियम है रात के बाद दिन और दिन के बाद रात आने का। ठीक उसी तरह जब-जब मानव अपने धर्म-कर्म-मर्यादाओं से गिर जाता है तब-तब कोई न

Baba sharing divine knowledge with children

The Highest Education in the World

Whilst in Karachi, Brahma Baba taught knowledge to the growing family of children, teaching through example as much as through precept. And with the power of meditation (yoga), the souls

Baba with jagdish bhaiji

भगवान हमारा साथी है

हम हृदयंगम करते (दिल से कहते ) हैं कि भगवान हमारा साथी है। भगवान हमारा साथी बना, उसने कब, कैसे साथ दिया यह अनुभव सबको है। एक है सैद्धान्तिक ज्ञान