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Truly Values the Knowledge or Gyan

So invaluable was Godly knowledge to Baba that he had given clear instructions that the literature thereon should not be sold, for selling according to him simply meant putting a price on it, while, in fact, it was too precious to be sold. He would also add that this gyan was to be beautifully presented or, in other words, its printing was to be done on the best type of paper and should be flawless and eminently readable, for otherwise, it would simply amount to lack of its proper evaluation. He attached great importance to artistic beauty of the print as also to its readability. Even though the literature would become costly in that way, Baba would still forbid its sale and say that all people being his children, were entitled to have it free of cost. Thus, his love for human souls was as great as the gyan was precious and so he would not permit their sale.
What actually happened was, that many people, God’s children, could not be worthy of this love of their spiritual father, for wherever we laid this literature on the table, many people simply pounced on it and took away several copies each. Even then, Baba’s love for them was none the less and he refused to make it a source of income. On the contrary, he taught us to distribute it free among all and sundry so as not to deprive any human souls of its benefit.
Besides this, Baba also suggested many other divine methods of propagation of knowledge/gyan through literature. When the book, ‘Real Gita’ was printed in the English language, Baba directed that a Note for readers’ information be given at the beginning of the book saying, “The knowledge/gyan contained in it is a precious treasure and the price charged covers only the cost of its stationery and printing. In case, any reader feels like returning the book, he is entitled to return the book intact and obtain the refund of its price. It was such a big book and its price so little that its purchasers were simply astonished to get it so cheap.
A unique combination of love and divine knowledge It is correct that Baba’s gyan had immeasurable depths. That is indeed why his life reflected an intoxicated state of mind and he was always saying that this gyan is an invaluable, eternal diamond. But that gyan was in no way superficial or dry and drab nor did he give it a merely outer coating of love. It would be more correct, however, to say that the gyan he talked about was in itself completely saturated with love and the fountain of love that was so perfect that it was almost impossible to separate one from the other. Among those who have come in contact with him, some might say that love predominated his being while others might say that Baba tried to lay in the listeners’ mind a strong foundation of gyan by giving it the support of love. This, however, is a difference of the on‐looker’s own angle of vision and each of these views is correct in its own place. In reality, however, Baba’s utterances on gyan were never unaccompanied by love, while his words of love were never without gyan, both together being aimed solely at purifying the human and soul and instilling God‐consciousness  in it.
He Forgave and Forgot
Not only did Brahma Baba not claim any credit for his great work but, on the contrary, some ill-informed people wrongly blamed him for nothing. Some ignorant and ill-mannered persons cast aspersions and affronts on him. “Fie on him”, they said, “Why does this old man teach absolute purity or total abstinence from vices?” The poor fellows did not understand or recognize the fact that it was ‘the Almighty’ who taught and ordained absolute purity through this old man, or Brahma Baba, and that he was not to be blamed for God’s own Act. But whatever anyone did to him, never did anyone saw him ablaze with anger. On the other hand, he forgave them, forgot their evil acts and blessed them too with his spiritual inheritance. It is these and thousand and eight great qualities of him that come to our mind again and again, especially on 18th January–the date in the year 1969, when he gave his mortal coil to work at the subtle level and in an Angelic form, called ‘Avyakt Brahma.’

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Vedanti behen and her sisters with baba

महिला सशक्तिकरण का अनूठा कार्य

प्रकृति का शाश्वत नियम है रात के बाद दिन और दिन के बाद रात आने का। ठीक उसी तरह जब-जब मानव अपने धर्म-कर्म-मर्यादाओं से गिर जाता है तब-तब कोई न

Baba sharing divine knowledge with children

The Highest Education in the World

Whilst in Karachi, Brahma Baba taught knowledge to the growing family of children, teaching through example as much as through precept. And with the power of meditation (yoga), the souls

Baba with jagdish bhaiji

भगवान हमारा साथी है

हम हृदयंगम करते (दिल से कहते ) हैं कि भगवान हमारा साथी है। भगवान हमारा साथी बना, उसने कब, कैसे साथ दिया यह अनुभव सबको है। एक है सैद्धान्तिक ज्ञान