Happiness mantras

Happiness Mantras

The Global Shift towards Well-being

Happiness and well-being of the people are the new indicators to measure the country’s actual progress. Governments all over the world are beginning to recognize the relevance of creating and sustaining the happiness of the citizens, which is now influencing public policies.

The World Happiness Report 2017: India’s Stand

The latest “The World Happiness Report 2017” published under a UN initiative is a matter of concern for us as a nation and also as individuals. India ranked a low 122nd on a list of the 155 world’s happiest countries, dropping four slots from last year and coming behind China, Pakistan, Nepal, and Iraq.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Experiencing happiness forms the key element of most of our pursuits in life, from the time we are born.

If you ask people why are they not happy, typically, the fingers would point at others or outside situations. A difficult boss at the workplace, a sour relationship, an annoying traffic jam, or the troubling domestic help, no promotions, a troublesome world, and the list can go on and on. Seldom do we take responsibility for our suffering. The question arises, can we take ownership of our happiness? The answer is – Yes, of course!

Taking Ownership of Happiness

So what measures do we take to cheer us up and make our lives happier? In the quest for a moment of happiness, we seek comfort and excitement in that which could be perceived through our physical senses.

Remember, that no one or nothing in this world can make you happy unless you decide to be happy. Being happy is a choice. A choice to take care of the mind and the inner self. The first and most important step is understanding the inner self – the spiritual entity.

The eyes of those awakened to their true self would not be drawn to anyone’s flaws or weaknesses. Nor are they drawn to other people’s attainments because the one with the awakened self is complete with all attainments. They are complete in their nature, in their relationships and contacts. Such a person will not experience anything lacking in their treasures of attainment and because of being full in the mind they will remain content.

Simple Happiness Mantras

1. Don’t Wait, Be Happy NOW

Most of us wait for that perfect job, that dream house, an ideal life partner, or a relationship, a perfect healthy body to be happy. We postpone our happiness into the future, instead of relishing the present moment. Enjoy the journey to achieving goals in life. Embrace the beauty of the imperfect world. Don’t put your happiness on hold till everything in your life is perfect. Be happy now!

2. Be Grateful

Be grateful for everything you have. Each morning be grateful that you are alive. Be grateful for the gifts of life – no matter how big or small. Look around to see the ones who are deprived. So many things we may have taken for granted. Take time out and be thankful for them.

Reflection –

  • Write down at least 10 things/ achievements / incidents / gifts that you are grateful for in your life. You can add to the list every day.
  • Stick this list on the wall or keep it near your bed, and read this list every day.
  • Remind yourself of the goodness of life!

3. Stop Complaining, Start Accepting

Acceptance brings contentment. Contentment leads to happiness. The list is long when one begins to complain about things in their lives. There is dissatisfaction with the self and also with the life of others. The habit of complaining has become so deep that some complain about things that are beyond their control.

Reflection –

  • Write down the top complaints in your life.
  • In another column write down the action plan – What can I do in my capacity to alleviate to improve the situation?
  • Next time the complaint pops up – accept the situation and remind yourself of the action plan.

4. Explore Within

There is an ancient story available in various versions. A villager was on his knees and searching for something on the ground under a street lamp. A friend passed by and asked him what he was looking for. The villager replied, “I’m looking for my key.” The friend offered to help him and started looking for the lost key.


  • Every time you want to buy an expensive dress or splurge on a gadget – Ask yourself do I really need that or am I trying to fill an emotional need within?
  • People, things, places do not make me happy. I am already peaceful and happy!

5. Meditate

A sure way to remain content and happy is to practice meditation, to be aware of your true self, the soul sitting inside this physical body and connect with the Spiritual Father, the Supreme Soul, the ocean of love, peace, happiness, strength, and bliss.

Silent Reflection – I sit comfortably and gently inhale and exhale. My whole body is relaxed. I reflect on how I can turn what seems to be negative into something positive… I let go of any negative thoughts, lightening the load in my mind… Feeling light inside … I focus my mind on the positive ……. Visualizing the problem…choosing to see it as a challenge… Visualizing any mistakes… seeing them as opportunities to learn… Tuning my mind into a more positive outlook … my day begins to change.

The bottom line is that happiness is a daily decision.

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